Steve, a very successful American  business man in New York City which is the largest city in the United states  of America that consist of five boroughs: Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island love traveling to different part of the world in search of opportunities to invest into in other to build more businesses and earn more.  Steve is a young man in his early thirties who runs a telecommunication company, chains of eateries, and also a major investor into the oil industry, indeed he is quite a very successful young man.

Steve one day decided to call on his marketing manager at the end of the year to give him report about their sales thus far from January to almost the end of the year. Steve actually has a culture of listening to his employees and seeks their advice on how to make that aspect that is their area of specialization better in other to get better results. So he called his marketing manager, the manager whose name is Jack gave him the report with several strategies outlined which they applied to get better results. After much talk Steve noticed that a country in Africa known as Nigeria is the major patronizer of his telecommunication products. He thanked Jack for such a concise report and promised to increase his end of the year and Christmas bonus for his great performance in seeing that their sales were increased, for indeed marketing is very crucial to any business. No matter how good a product is, if it is not marketed well there won’t be sales and the company will be at lost or collapse. Steve left there that day with an intention of knowing more about the country Nigeria, he went online and use Google and other search engines to know more about Nigeria. After a long time of research he found out that Nigeria is really not a producing nation, is a developing nation, they love buying a lot. He then discovered that Nigeria is a green land to actually invest into and also establish his eateries and telecommunication firm, in other to be closer to the people and increase more sales and productivity of his firm. Steve also discovered from his research that Nigeria is a West African country, the capital of Nigeria is Abuja, but the most commercial city with the highest number of firms and industries is Lagos.

Steve therefore decided to visit Lagos, Nigeria to see how the city looks and possibly extend the presence of his firms there. In pursuit of this, he immediately visited his travel consultant the next day to begin the processing of Visa, hotel bookings, a tour guide, and every other arrangement needed to make his trip to Lagos, Nigeria a success. With the help of Mike Wood his travel consultant everything worked out very fast, and within few days his visa was ready and the flight was booked to drop him at Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Ikeja, Lagos.  He also booked a room down for seven days at Sheraton hotel, Ikeja, Lagos.

After all the arrangement for his trip to Nigeria was set as he kept reading more about Lagos and where will interest him to visit, he called his top managers and had a meeting with them about his trip to Nigeria. They were all in support of it and welcomed the idea and said sir is quite a very innovative move since Nigerians are their major patronizer for their telecommunication products. He went back home and took his wife and child out since he will be away for a week, his family kept telling him they will miss him a whole lot. Steve slept that day looking forth to a great and successful trip to Nigeria.

The next day Steve’s driver came in and parked his luggage to the car as he tells his family goodbye and joins his driver who is to take him to John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York City, United States where he is to board his flight down to Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos, Nigeria. Steve fortunately was sitting down close to a Nigerian whose name is Victor Akinjide, who happened to be an importer of several goods from China to Nigeria to sell but went to New York City for a holiday and was on his way coming back to Nigeria. They both started talking; Victor made Steve to understand some things about business in Nigeria, the culture of the people, the business law in Nigeria, and a few other things. They both had a nice time, meeting Victor made the over Seventeen hours journey interesting. They both exchanged contacts and as Steve tell him about his business and Victor showed interest in doing business with him. This indeed seems interesting to Steve as he already begin to experience success in his pursuit to Nigeria even in the flight. They both came down out of the flight as Steve kept looking around and was surprise at the poor state of the facilities present in Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Ikeja, Lagos which is still the best of all the airports in Nigeria. As he was moving out of the airport he met some police men that were saying find us something sir, which give us some cash and Steve was wondering why they are begging.

Steve was carrying his luggage out when a taxi driver ran after him and collected the box to help him out asking him Oyibo (A word used for white people in Nigeria) where are you going? He was reluctant at first due to his approach but Steve later told him am going to Sheraton hotel, so the taxi driver said enter but it is Fifteen thousand naira, so Steve agreed and entered. As they were embark on the journey down to Sheraton hotel which is less than fifteen minutes drive became more than two hours as they were held by traffic jam which was caused by an accident that was not quickly attended to by the security agents. Steve spent a long time in the traffic jam, while waiting he looked from the car and saw how so many young people were hawking several items on the road and running after vehicles at the expense of their lives, he also saw many beggars around the roads begging both the ones that were disabled and some were not, he felt so sorry for them. He then decided to get a bottle of coke while feeling dehydrated, he called one of them and the young man rushed down to attend to him but sold it 200 naira instead of the normal 100 naira that is been sold. While he brought out his purse which has some dollar and a little amount of naira notes he has exchanged already, he then gave the young street hawker his money. Suddenly, before putting back his purse into his pocket, a young man stretched his hands through one of the back doors whose glasses has been winded down and ceased the purse and ran away immediately, Steve was so confuse and surprised that he did not know what to do and before the driver notice and started shouting Ole Ole (which means thief in Yoruba Language of Nigeria) this young man who is into the art known as pick-pocket in Nigeria has ran away. Steve couldn’t take his drink again as he was wondering what kind of country is this. After a while they finally got to Sheraton hotel, Steve was to now pay the taxi driver his money and he no longer have cash on him. The driver asked for his money and Steve told him that can he send the cash into his bank account, PayPal account, or any other e-payment system he has; the driver been ignorant of his demands got angry and shouting at Steve asking him for his money, this attracted the attention of people as the security men came over to ask the driver what the issue is and he explained to them, he was asked how much and he said fifteen thousand naira and the security men were angry that is always not more than five thousand naira for a drop from the airport down here that the amount charged is too high. Steve accepted that he will pay the money and asked them for a place he can withdraw some cash to pay him. One young lady was there who came for lunch at Sheraton hotel; she decided to offer Steve helping hands by paying the money for Steve. Steve was quite amazed to meet a different breed of Nigerian, Steve started thinking in his heart well not all Nigerians are bad as I was beginning to think. He thanked this young lady and asked her name, she said her name is Kate. She helped Steve out to his room and they waited for him downstairs. They both sat and ate as they got to know each other better, Steve told her what he does and his mission to Nigeria. He later asked Kate about what she does for a living; she said she is a remote worker (which means one who works from a location other than the traditional office. Common terms are telecommuting, home, remote, mobile, virtual, or cloud working). Kate needed to live so they exchanged contacts and became friends.

Steve travel guide whose name is Akin, who was arranged for him by his travel consultant showed up the next day to take him around with a car. They first went to computer village in Lagos which is the largest center where Computer system, laptops, phones, and their accessories are commonly sold and also repaired. They moved around and he talked with different wholesalers and retailers about his products and services and they seem interested. He went back home and kept ruminating on how his products will invade this big telecom market in Lagos, Nigeria; they left back home towards the evening to rest for the day. Kate later called to check after him and he narrated to her how it went and she also told him that indeed computer village is a big market people come to for telecommunication products and services. The next day Akin came to pick Steve down to Alaba Market, Ojo, Lagos where they sell several technology equipment, household equipment, Musical equipment, electronic gadgets, and others. They moved around and he spoke to many and them seeing him as white man he was quite given attention. While coming down from the market down to his lodge, he encountered traffic jam and was there for hours till night came. As they drove and approach Ikeja that night, he saw many young ladies who were almost naked standing on the road as Prostitutes looking for patronizers, as their car passed they were shouting Oga come na, Akin looked at him and said Sir they are sex workers popularly known as Ashawo here; they later got to the lodge late that night, he then rested for the day.

Steve also went out to visit Marina, Victoria Island, Ikoyi, where most corporate organization has their headquarters. He saw a few towers in this places and it looks more beautiful and different from some other places he has visited. He was taken to the Bar-beach in Lagos for visit, and he also visited the museum in Lagos and several other interesting places to explore the people, her culture, and their peculiar physical features. While coming back from one of his visit he saw them beating a young man and blood all around him, he asked his Akin what happened and Akin enquired from people around and he was told the young man went into a restaurant to eat and then walked away without paying because he is unemployed, had no money, and he was hungry. The owner of the restaurant noticed and alarmed some men as she shouted, he started running and they ran after him and caught him and started beating him seriously almost till point of death. Steve felt pity for him and remembered he read at a time then that unemployment is quite high and a source of some many atrocities in the nation. That day he was later called by Kate to ask about his experience in Nigeria and he said well nice but not too nice because of several atrocities he is seeing around. Kate then told him she will come around the next day so they can have a time out and talk.  

Kate came over the next day and Steve welcomed her, they decided to sit around the swimming pool as they drink and chat. Steve narrated all his ugly experiences to his new friend Kate. Kate was not surprise because she aware of the happenings and even more than what he has seen or experienced. Kate told Steve that she is actually a graduate of Economics who has graduated for the past five years without job. She told him she connected with a friend on Facebook who later told her about several online courses she can take for free or for a little amount in other to get equipped with some skills to solve problems for people and earn something working from home. Kate acquired so many skills, certifications online, including knowledge of digital marketing. She became a virtual worker online, joined several well-paying affiliate marketing programs, and also used her skills on making local Nigerian bags with Ankara which she learnt watching videos on Youtube to make several thousands of dollar monthly selling on, Instagram, and others using her Social media marketing skills which she acquired online. She spoke to Steve about several people like how in both Africa and the World who are earning a living online and she has travelled around to meet with some of them who has helped her to get to where she is too. She told Steve that unemployment and illiteracy are major issues that are causing several atrocities among the young people especially. Kate told Steve several other peoples story that remote jobs have helped, and told him how so many have been burnt to death and gotten involved in different atrocities due to unemployment and no provision is made by the government to cater for such people.

Kate asked Steve that it will be good and he will affect so many lives if he can try creating some remote work for people to do. He also told him on how he can do several campaigns on need for online courses by many of them to acquire several skills that will make them self-employed, and also build a center to provide them with the facilities they need to successfully register and carry out these courses. Steve agreed and appreciated Kate, and promised to think deeply about it and see steps he can take to help reduce employment in Nigeria and other part of Africa through remote works.

Steve later went back to New York City and shared his experience with his family, and his plans to be of help to them as he also believes that life is also about helping people become better in life. He also meet with his top executives and told them the opportunities he saw for their products that the market is large. He immediately started making arrangements on how to extend his business to Nigeria and also affect the lives of the citizen positively through remote work opportunities creation.