Steve and Kate know each other from their childhood. They were neighbors, their mothers were friends and they grow up as a brother and sister.

Today Steve is a businessman. He travels a lot around the world, meets new people, always on the road. He likes always be moving, feeling himself as a master of his life.

His friend Kate works online, meaning remotely. She also communicates from all over the world, shares her experience, and even makes friends, but all only from her laptop. She would also love making live acquaintances, see the world, having no limits in socialization, but she cannot. Kate was three, when her parents noticed some oddities in her socialization with people and went to see the doctor for examination, doctors made the exclusion - Asperger syndrome and explained that people live fulfilling lives with the disease but only have some difficulties with people communication. Kate was a healthy child, only had difficulties with blending in with the crowd, being part of the company. Unbearable feeling of worry from engine noise, noise of the city, feeling of disconnection in what is happening around, misunderstanding of other people’s emotions and fear to speak, fear to watch to people’s eyes, enormous stress and worry – this is what is happening when she tries another blend in with external world. She could contact only limited community, only with very close people and even that demand tremendous efforts from her. Steve was only person whom she could speak with among age mates, he was like her brother.

In opposite, Steve always has been very sociable and open person. It was easy job for him to get anyone talking. Kate has been stepped aside, moreover she shunned everybody by herself, while Steve always was the life of the party. But Steve worried about Kate from all his heart.

Seeing how Kate trying to overcome her fears, he always came and shared  everything that happened to him with her, somehow to help her perceiving the world. Kate always had a dream – to discover the world, overcome her fears and come talking with absolutely different people, to understand their emotions, share her own feelings, because she had so many kinds and a huge difference of feelings.

Those who are not faced with this, might think that "it’s not a big deal". "What's wrong with that ?! We all have fears, but we must learn to overcome them! We all live with it! "- you might have told. But Kate’s problem was much more difficult, and she would be glad to overcome it all, and did, did an infinite number of attempts, but it was like one of her most important organs was atrophied, the one that was responsible for the interaction with the rest of the world. After all, there are those who can’t see, there are those who can’t hear, and she, with all five senses, was not even able to live like everybody else. Steve had been growing up next to her, he saw everything and understood her better than anyone. One day, when it was time to choose a profession of his life, he decided that whatever he does, he will be doing this all over the world to discover the world for himself and for Kate. And when he will be back from travelling, as in childhood, he will come and tell everything to Kate - to acquaint her with the huge world. Kate looks forward for Steve from each trip. Every time he comes back, he comes with a new story. This could be a story about what happened to him on the trip, the story of the life of the people he met in the journey or the story of that strangers’ lives. This is their way to collect stories. Based on these stories, Kate does some analysis of life, lives Steve’s life.

But when Steve is away, Kate never lose her time, she is constantly evolving and learning. Internet became her loyal assistant. Thanks to the Internet she is able to learn a lot, which she was not able to learn other way because of her features, communicates with people, even shares her experience with those who have similar problems. She really like helping other people. It is her way to feel herself like a part of the world, an integral part of something, which is a much bigger and more important than her own. Surfing Internet, Kate found that there are much more people who do not have the ability to communicate in life with outside the world, as well as she is, than she could imagine. And there are completely different reasons: someone has been limited in physical abilities, someone has been limited in movements because of babies in their arms, others simply had not been able to get to work due because of the geographical features of the habitat, there were so many kinds of reasons. She gathered such people, and different information about them on the forum and learned their histories. So when Steve comes back to her, she always has something to share with him too. Some stories so touched Steve, he just could not pass it by, and at the slightest opportunity helps these people. For him, especially, with his wonderful team of employees and regular business trips, it is not such a big deal. So they formed a kind of commune for assistance to those who would like to contribute to society, but somehow limited in their movements.