Hi, my name is Nadya, I am from Russia. I want to share my story about remote work and e learning. Don't judge me too much for my English skills, I tried my best) Kate is a really motivated student. She studying on Faculty of Foreign Languages in town where she lives. She studying English and French languages because she has great ambitions and ideas about her life, she wants to be a part of something huge. She always loved studying popular languages because she was thinking outside the box. Kate understand that in times when the Internet has a great impact on people and give them an opportunity to have an access to every information that they need (do not afraid to say that) it is shame not to take an advantage of it. Kate was obsess with an Internet because it gave her an opportunity to learn everything she wanted, she knows English and French languages now because of many textbooks and videos with language grammar on the Internet, she knows how to dance because of many tutorials on the Internet, she knows great people that motivate her and much more. Internet today changing people's life, opens great capabilities to find people like them all over the world, it helps people to broad their horizons and think outside the box. 
That girl hated the idea of leading her life in a traditional (for now) way waking up early morning for going to the job and spend there more of her day. Kate lives in a small town where she doesn't has an ability to realize her strength for a great future. At the same time Kate in love with her town, it's small, beautiful and there are many people that means a lot for her, she don't want to leave her parents and friends for going to a big city. 
Her friend David is the programmer. He knows the abilities of the internet today that's why he founded the company on the Internet. He is the owner of the site on the Internet that is very popular among people from all over the world. That platform is a venture-funded company that tests software and conducts usability feedback research. His site is the place where every one who have some program skills and an access to the Internet can do some remote work for different companies that give testers the work. Even if people who want to work as a testers do not have programing skills, they can learn it from the site because of many articles with instructions . That kind of job gives to every person from every city and from every country great opportunities to earn money right from the place they live. It is convenient, especially for people who living in high unemployment areas, for people with disabilities, for mothers with newborn babies etc. 
David proposed to do some work for Kate because he knows that she hates the traditional life scenario about the office work. Kate was glad to know that there is a such a great opportunity to work right from the home and have an ability to enjoy your lifestyle. She started spreading this information around her friends and acquaintances who need the job in this format so they can work remotely. 
Achieve your goals and change the world for the better! Good luck!