“Back in college I always thought I would have a great career, I was very ambitious. I pursued a degree in Economics. But you know how it happens quite often. I met my husband, we got married and our first child was born shortly after. Now, I’m a mom of three. Our youngest is two, and older ones are 5 and 7. You can imagine it was quite difficult to pursue the career having to take care of the 3 kids.”

Susan, as thousands of other young moms, put her dreams aside to be a good wife and mom.  She makes sure her children are taken care of and her home is clean. She enjoys taking care of her family but, at the same time, she wants to be fulfilled professionally. Though, it is easier said than done.

“Now that my babies are a bit older I would love to realize my professional potential. But as soon as I started looking for the ways to make it happen I have encountered different obstacles. First of all, we live in a small village and the commute to the city takes up to two hours at times. It’s too early for me to be able to take children to and from pre-school. Hiring a nanny would make a big impact on our family budget so it’s out of a question. Besides, the employers are not so willing to hire someone part-time and I can’t work full-time, not being home all the day.”

These are the problems many moms are facing while seeking employment after maternity leave. Remote work would give a chance to thousands of mothers, like Susan, for professional development. It would enable them to secure income while taking care of their children. They wouldn’t have a limited choice of local employers but could work for the employer from anywhere in the world.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids more than words can say and enjoy spending time with them and watch them grow. But, at the same time, I want to realize my professional potential. To be able to communicate with other adults and on different topics. I want my kids to be proud of their mom when they are older. Besides, we could really use that financial input in our family budget. I’m still hoping to find a good compromise and remote work which could offer me better work-life balance than office work.”