Established in 2015 in the UK, Transformify offers an integrated suite comprising of HR Software, Freelance Platform, Employer Branding, diversity hiring, billing & payments.

Transformify’s unique approach in creating a fair environment for both the freelancers and businesses attracted the interest of many organizations and in 2016 Transformify joined the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition of the EU Commission.

What makes Transformify Freelance Platform different?

Long-term projects

Unlike Upwork or Fiverr, Transformify focuses on long-term projects. Our clients build teams of trusted freelancers and work with them over and over again. Building trust and reputation are essential to secure long-term clients who are likely to refer even more clients to you.

No Fees

All freelancers using Transformify Freelance Platform are not charged a fee. We don’t take a cut on your earnings.

No Bidding

Transformify’s mission is to provide equal access to jobs and secure payment to everyone regardless of location, gender, age, race or personal situation. Open bidding is not encouraged as it may result in unfair pay rates. The living standard varies from country to country and the purchasing power of USD 10 is not the same in the US and India for example.

Fair Pay Rates

You are free to state any pay rate and it will be disclosed to our business clients only. The freelancers’ profiles and the pay rates that have been stated are not public.

How to make money on Transformify Freelance Platform?

Stand out from the crowd

What are your achievements? Have you closed a big deal or worked on an important project? Our business clients are looking for talented freelancers who are reliable, knowledgeable and will deliver on time. Don’t just copy-paste your resume, provide a summary of your achievements and strengths instead. Keep it short and to the point.

Here's an example:

I have 10+ years of experience as an Email Marketing Executive. My latest campaign achieved an open rate of 45% versus the average of 13% , and CTR ( click through rate) of 25% versus a business average of 7%.Key Strengths: HTML email template development, compelling sales copy writing

What value can I add to your business?

I can improve the efficiency of your email campaigns, write sales copy that resonates with your buyer persona and secure a constant flow of fresh leads for your sales team.

Work History

2000-2005 – Alibaba, Email Marketing Executive

2005-2019 – Freelancer, Email Marketing Executive

Client portfolio: (list some of your clients as a freelancer)


Outline Your Skills

Skills matter as the hiring managers are looking for the most qualified candidates. Our matching algorithm puts on top of the list those candidates who have a maximum number of matching skills. Each time you apply for a long-term project or a gig, you will have a chance to read what skills are required for the job and decide whether to apply or not. It’s a waste of time to apply for roles you are not qualified for. There is another risk associated with submitting applications at random – the hiring managers may think that you don’t have a clear idea of what your strengths and desired career are.

 Can I update my skills?

Of course. Over time, you will gain more experience and master new skills. List the skills that are most relevant to your desired career path and the projects you intend to apply for. To make things easier for you, we provide a good and bad example:

Good Example

Desired role: Email Marketing Executive

Skills: email marketing, email campaign optimization, marketing, sales copywriting, HTML email templates

Bad Example:

Desired role: Email Marketing Executive

Skills: email marketing, soft skills, translation, data entry

Although in the bad example above, the freelancer may have done data entry and translation in the past, this experience is not necessarily relevant to her/his desired career path. Sometimes, if this is a remote freelance role, there are 300+ candidates who apply. What do you think – will the recruiter prefer the candidate whose skills are straight to the point or the candidate whose skills are broadly defined?

Availability & Time Zone

Lots of freelancers don’t state their availability and time zone but they are important for the hiring managers. Imagine that the team is in the US but you are in Korea. It won’t be a positive experience for anyone if you need to wake up at sunrise every morning or stay very late for team calls. It is even more complicated if someone else on the team depends on you to deliver your tasks timely so s/he can start working.

There is a good side, though. Transformify is a 100% remote company and we have our team members scattered across different time zones on purpose. We know that there is no work for the QAs before the developers have completed their tasks. In the past, we had developers far north-east in Russia and QAs in South Africa. It was the perfect set up – when the developers were wrapping up the day, the QAs were having their morning coffee and reviewing the tasks that were to be tested.

So, our advice is to always state your time zone and availability. It will save you the effort to attend interviews for jobs that are not the right fit as you are either not available when the rest of the team needs you or your time zone makes it almost impossible to participate in important team activities.

Check your dashboard regularly

Our dashboard provides all the information you need at a glance including the projects you are currently working on, any pending payments and most importantly, the jobs that may be right for you. There are a variety of jobs, freelance projects and gigs for you to choose from.

The Interview!!!

You will receive an interview invite via email and it will also appear on your dashboard. You may accept or reject it or ask for a different time slot. Once the day and time are agreed upon, spend some time reading the job description again. Are there any skills that are required but you still have not mastered them? Do you have an idea of how to develop those skills?

Do your research about the company and the person you will be speaking with. Visit their web page or Linkedin profile if available and learn as much as possible about the values of the company, what their brand stands for and who their customers are. The more you know, the better.

The Test Project

Congratulations! You have passed the interviews and now have been assigned to a test project. Normally, the test projects last for up to 2 weeks and are ALWAYS paid for. The purpose of the test project is to validate that you indeed have the skills you outlined during the interview, can communicate efficiently with the rest of the team and deliver timely.

Depending on your skills and experience, you can be making times more money on Transformify than you are currently earning. 

Good Luck!