"Investment MoU with the global exchange BitForex"


BitForex, the cryptocurrency exchange, announced that the company signed a strategic business agreement on investment with Foresting HQ on August 7, 2018.


BitForex is a global exchange trading with 84 cryptocurrencies surpassing Binance, Bitmax and other competing exchanges. BitForex is the number one trading platform based on the record of trading volume within 24 hours (updated on August 7, 2018 Coin Market Cap). BitForex has 19 billion more transaction volume than its major competitor Binance does, making up around 53 billion USD and 34 billion USD respectively. In addition, BitForex’s BF tokens were released on August 1, already exceeding 360 million tokens from mining as of August 6, 2018.


BitForex has joined in Tian Jia - an expert on finance, FinTech and blockchain, Hu Guo Wei - technology and intellectual property rights expert, Jeffry Wernick - successful investment expert from investing in Uber and Airbnb, as a technology, legal, and strategic advisor. In addition, the company has entered into a strategic business agreement with seven companies including China's blockchain and cryptocurrency specialized media such as Jinse Caijing and Weilai Caijing.


The investment agreement between BitForex and Foresting HQ can be interpreted as BitForex, which is spurring on finding promising ICO projects recently, is acknowledging the success of Foresting HQ. Among the total of 35 kinds of cryptocurrencies that BitForex has listed or will be listed this year, AGI token is leading the group with 4.03 points recorded by ICO HOLDER, a site specializing in ICO evaluation. The PTON of Foresting HQ is rated with 4.23. (As of August 8, 2018).


Foresting HQ is a blockchain-based social media headquartered in Singapore and has recently entered into an agreement with Vertical Mass, a big data analysis marketing company in the US. With this agreement Foresting HQ will be able to create a foundation for large-scale capital inflows from China and entry into Asian markets.


Foresting HQ’s CEO Daniel Eom said, "This agreement with BitForex is meaningful in several terms. It has become a stepping stone to list PTON on a global exchange, and it's even more meaningful in being able to introduce Foresting’s social media to the BitForex members in 86 countries." He expressed his confidence in the strategic agreement by mentioning, "We are looking forward to becoming a partner for providing better global services beyond investment relationships with BitForex." 


Transformify Recruitment CRM's CEO, Lilia Stoyanov, said '' It was a pleasure to join Foresting HQ as an advisor. The blockchain-based marketing platform has a great potential and the agreement with BitForex will tremendously boost the international expansion of Foresting HQ''