What a year!

Started as an Oxford admission project, Transformify downgraded my wildest dreams to daily routines. 140+ countries,4 continents, business clients from the US, EU, and Asia, ranking in Startups 100 Index, a member of the Digital Coalition of the European Commission,  programmes providing remote jobs for people on the Autism Spectrum and women in the Middle East...and the best is yet to come. 

We love it simple.

Global hiring should be easy - companies get access to the right people regardless of the location and people get jobs no matter of their situation. People in need are very welcome as our social mission is to transform their life for good.


Lots of regular jobs could be transformed into remote jobs. Once done, the physical location is no longer a barrier. The business has access to the right talent regardless of the location, the people in need of a job get a job.


What the business wants?

The business is not willing to deal with individuals worldwide? No problem, there are many contractors, but one contract - with Transformify.

The business is not willing to transfer payments worldwide? No need to, Transformify will do it instead. 

Signing of agreements and NDAs is too timeconsuming? A few clicks and it is sorted out. 

Need a payment guarantee? Transformify offers it to both contractors and business clients. 


A simple B2B solution, making life easy, even for disadvantaged people:

  • people living in high unemployment areas
  • people less able to move
  • people living in post-war zones
  • single parents
  • working moms
  • people on the Autism Spectrum, etc. 


Is it fair?

The cost of living differs around the world, so how are the interests of so many people, living all over the world, and in various personal situations, protected? Life might be unfair, but Transformify encourages all job seekers to set up a fair rate that will be sufcient to provide for themselves and their families, and pays precisly the rate that has been set. Not a penny less. No fees. The use of Transformify platform is free for all candidates. We believe that a social enterprise should not charge people in need of a job for providing them with an employment opportunity that will have a positive impact not only on them, but also on the local communities and the society at large.  


Why are we so passionate about this project? 

During the last year the world was living in interesting times. 

First, it was Nepal. The earthquacke distroyed lives and homes. The donations were only a temporary solution. What people really needed was a source of income given that the tourism would take years to recover. 

Greece followed. The debt crisis was addressed by cost cuts and tax increases combined with a very high unemployment rate. Too many people couldn't make a living. The 'choices' they had - to immigrate in a search for a job or to rely on social payments... The media was on it till the refugee crisis hit.


The refugees. Thousands of people who have lost homes and loved ones embarked on an unsafe journey to the unknown. No country or social security system was fully prepared for what was about to happen. No one could predict for how long these people will be moving from place to place dependant on donations and social payments. Refugee relief groups and nationalists were competing for media attention for months... till Brexit.


The world is all about Brexit lately. Not that all of the preceeding events are completely forgotten, but they are not news anymore. Everyone is interested in what will happen with the immigrants in the UK and how many jobs will be cut. Brexit will fade away too, the moment the next crisis hits sooner than later...


Too many unfortunate events, but a great year for Transformify team who was there working to provide solutions. 


The 'unemployment driven immigration' consists of 'unemployment' and 'immigration'. If the link between them is cut, the problem could be addressed.


The 'overcrowded cities''  consist of 'crowd' and 'cities'. If the 'crowd' is no longer there, the picture is totaly different. If we go a step further and let the 'crowd' stay in 'abandoned rural areas', these areas are no longer 'abandoned'.


The 'daily commute and carbon emissions'...Would it have the same meaning if the 'daily commute' is no longer part of it? 

Highly unlikely.


To us 'unemployment', 'overcrowded', 'abandoned', 'daily commute' seemed as unneccessary complications. We removed them and created something simple - the Transformify global outsorcing platform. Jobs without borders - no need of daily commute, immigration, relocation to a new city or dependancy on social payments. 

We welcome everyone and do our best to provide remote job opportunities addressing their needs. Our business partners are socially responsible companies willing to transform jobs in an attempt to revitalize local communities and change people's life for good, while getting access to great talent worldwide.
A win-win situation.


During the last year, our support team has received many messages from people all over the world. A few of them were so touching that I wanted to have a personal conversation. A boy, 27, who survived a car accident, has spent the last 6 years by the window watching the world pass by. He was living on the sixth floor in a building that had no lifts. His mom was working long hours to provide for the two of them and his treatment and was not able to carry him down and up the stairs. I still remember the joy in his voice when we told him that he may join a remote team of people distributed around the world, communicate with them daily, master new skills,  make a living, and be part of the society again.


The great news is that we are not alone on this journey. Platinum Bay Technologies provides opportunities for prople on the Autism Spectrum and Andela provides training and remote job opportunities for developers in Africa. Transformify already partners with Platinum Bay Technologies to increase the chances of people on the Autism Spectrum to get a retain a remote job.

As per a survey conducted by London Business School, by 2020 50 % of the workforce will work remotely. Remote work may be the future for some, the convenient choice for many, and the only possible option for millions of people around the world. 


Special thanks to Lilyana Zagorcheva and Infograffiti for the awesome infographic.