Have you experienced that sweet, intense anxiety just before turning up the first day at a new job? The expectations, fears and big plans? You have searched for this job, engaged your network to refer you to the right people, have been through the nightmare called ‘’job interview’’ and now you have it. Your dream job is yours!


I bet that most of you have felt like this at least once in a lifetime. Most, but unfortunately not all.


As per a report issued from  A.J. Drexel Autism Institute, nearly two-thirds of young adults on the autism spectrum are unemployed.


“When it comes to understanding how well our nation is helping youth affected by autism, our situation is like driving a car through the fog with no dashboard,” said Paul Shattuck, PhD, leader of the Life Course Outcomes Research Program and an associate professor at Drexel. “We know we’re moving, but we do not have many indicators to tell us how fast we are going, whether we’re getting close to our goals, or what kind of mileage we are getting from the resources fueling our trip.” 


Over one third (37 percent) of young adults with autism were disconnected during their early 20s, meaning they never got a job or continued education after high school. In comparison, less than eight percent of young adults with other types of disabilities were disconnected. 


Approximately one in four young adults with autism were socially isolated, meaning they never saw or talked with friends and were never invited to social activities within the past year. 


Nearly half of youth on the autism spectrum were victims of bullying during high school. Over one-quarter (27 percent) of adolescents engaged in some type of wandering behavior in which they impulsively left a supervised situation, increasing their risk of becoming lost and going missing. 


The picture looks bleak given all of the above findings, but there are young entrepreneurs like Steve Andrews determined to improve the well-being of people on the Autism Spectrum. Steve is the President & CEO of  Platinum Bay Technologies,  a social enterprise and for-purpose software technology company headquartered in Irvine, California.  Platinum Bay Technologies is a pioneer in hiring and employing people on the Autism Spectrum with software engineering career opportunities at market salary plus benefits.


When I first saw the e mail from Steve, my reaction was ‘’That’s amazing! We are not alone, there are other entrepreneurs out there aiming to improve the wellbeing of people in need.’’ Just a day later, I was talking with Steve via Hangouts. It instantly felt like talking with an old friend even thought we were miles apart. Managing a team is never easy and managing a team of people on the Autism Spectrum is a true challenge. An experienced manager myself, I could only admire Steve’s achievements and his passion to rebuild lives and give hope.


Less than a week later, we decided that  Patinum Bay Technologies  and  Transformify  will join forces to provide remote job opportunities for people on the Autism Spectrum worldwide. Many businesses are willing to provide job opportunities to people on the Autism Spectrum as part of their corporate social responsibility programs, but it is hard to connect with these people, find out what their skills are, and last but not least, to integrate them in a team and manage them.


Transformify Platform   connects people looking for a remote job worldwide with businesses willing to create jobs for them, regardless of the location. It is also a powerful tool providing statistics to the business on the skills, desired pay rates, location, preferences, etc. of prospective candidates. We have registered members (job seekers) from 87 countries and counting. 


Platinum Bay Technologies   has invaluable experience in employing, coaching and managing people on the Autism Spectrum. 


Join us, as together we can do more to create jobs and change for good the lives of people in need of a job!