Transformify, an award-winning Freelancer Management System (FMS) providing equal access to jobs and secure payment to everyone regardless of location, race, gender, origin, age or personal situation, announced a global partnership with Jobsora, a job search engine having a global reach.


In the past 4 years, Transformify expanded globally and is now trusted by recruiters from 150+ countries. The company received the 2017 First Women Award and 2018 Female Entrepreneur Award in the UK.

Despite the many channels available to the recruiters, sourcing qualified candidates is not a straightforward process. Transformify’s cutting -edge technology attracts top candidates to apply for the job and provides shortlists to the recruiters in seconds, thus saving time and 60% on recruitment costs.

The CEO of Transformify, Lilia Stoyanov, said: ‘’ Our clients were overwhelmed with reading lengthy resumes that provide historical data but no clear idea as to which candidate’s skills and interests may add value to the company and make her or him a good fit for the job. Sourcing qualified candidates was also a challenge. The global reach of Jobsora combined with Transformify’s technology address both challenges and saves time, money and effort.’’

To help all businesses attract and retain qualified candidates, Transformify offers a symbiosis of PR and marketing campaigns and HR software solutions. Bespoke hiring and employer branding strategy is designed for each client based on the client’s priorities and deadlines.

Engaging the target audience and the society at large with the brand of the client and what it stands for is key to the success. To achieve a high engagement rate, Transformify partners with PR agencies, niche blogs and NGOs who help to disseminate information about the values of the brand and attract the interest of the target audience.

The communications plan is designed around the client’s hiring needs. Guidance on avoiding bias and writing job descriptions that speak the language of the candidates is also provided. Last but not least, Transformify Freelancer Management System ( FMS)  uses powerful algorithms to serve each job listing to the most qualified candidates and match the skills required for the job to the skills possessed by the candidates.

About Transformify:

Transformify is a UK-based Freelancer Management System trusted by recruiters from 150+ countries that helps both SMEs and enterprises to seamlessly source, onboard, manage and pay their external workforce of consultants, experts, freelancers and contingent workers.

About Jobsora

Jobsora is a job search engine operating in 12 counties worldwide and constantly expanding its outreach. The service makes job search easier for job seekers and helps job boards to close their vacancies quickly and with the most qualified candidates. Jobsora cooperates with hundreds of job boards and brings them high-quality traffic. We have two cooperation options: