Transformify, a UK-based Freelancer Management System (FMS), has partnered up with Xoxoday, an HR Software company based in India that has offices in Singapore, Australia, the US, Ireland and the Philippines, to boost expansion across Asia.

As millions of businesses in Asia have shifted to external workforce on-demand to optimize costs and increase flexibility, it comes to no surprise that the demand for  Transformify Freelancer Management System has skyrocketed. During the last few months, Transformify has seen a 500% increase in demand in India alone. Businesses need to automate the sourcing, management, invoicing and payments to freelancers, experts, consultants and independent contractors more than ever before.

If prior to the Covid-19 pandemic it was mostly companies operating in the outsourcing, software development, online learning, marketing and design industries that were using Transformify Freelancer Management System, now even construction companies, HoReCa ( hotels, restaurants, cafes), call centers and big enterprises are in need of contingent workforce management software.

As traditional vendor management systems are expensive and most SMEs and even enterprises can’t afford them, businesses of all sizes are in search of fully customizable external workforce management solutions like Transformify FMS.

There is a clear synergy between Transformify Freelancer Management System (FMS) and Xoxoday. Moreover, the partnership allows both companies to tap into each other’s client base and boost sales and revenue growth.

Xoxoday (pronounced “zo-zo-day”), a one-of-a-kind all-in-one engagement and motivation platform has been empowering organizations across the globe to improve business efficiency, productivity and performance while optimizing costs in talent management, sales, channel and consumer engagement. Founded in the year 2012 by Manoj Agarwal, Abhishek Kumar, Sumit Khandelwal and Kushal Agrawal, Xoxoday offers a powerful platform for organizations to align their users with motivation triggers – both extrinsic and intrinsic – and achieve tangible business outcomes.

Xoxoday’s robust technology platform includes three highly scalable, easy to use, plug-n-play products. These platforms help organizations to motivate and engage their employees, distributors, dealers, contractors, freelancers, sales teams, survey panelists and more.

Xoxoday: Products


Empuls is an end-to-end platform to streamline employee engagement solutions. It helps HR leaders, CHROs, and CXOs to effortlessly execute key activities such as award workflows, budget automation, and industry-endorsed real-time surveys. With many key features such as communication feeds, messaging, and groups, the software equips employees to engage meaningfully with their peers and aligns them with the organization’s shared values.

Empuls also enables organizations to constantly measure and analyze the levels of employee satisfaction by keeping track of Employee NPS and thus helping them improve the overall employee experience and drive higher productivity.  


Compass enables organizations to gamify incentives to effectively engage their distributors, retailers, channel partners, sales agents, and the ‘gig workforce’. With Compass, the channel managers can establish effective communications with their channel partners, set up and executive trade campaigns, and accelerate the achievement of incentive-driven milestones.


Plum is a digital rewards automation platform that helps business leaders digitize and automate rewards/ incentives/gifting/loyalty programs for employees, channel partners or consumers. They can avail thousands of options from a rich catalog of wellness, personal finance, e-learning, e-gift cards, experiences, privileges, philanthropy, rentals, perks, offers, and subscriptions.

The enterprise-class product suite of Xoxoday is known for its banking grade security, support for hybrid deployment capabilities. The products also offer seamless integration with a wide range of platforms, including HRMS, Marketing Automation, Survey Platforms, CRM, Payment Gateways, etc. These integrations are compelling and have been empowering businesses to create a harmonious technology stack that drives meaningful interactions while delivering personalized user experiences.

About Xoxoday

Business leaders of more than 700+ organizations globally trust Xoxoday to engage, communicate and reward their employees, salesforce, partners and consumers. Xoxoday has been recognized as ‘Best Tech-HR platform by People Matters’, ‘Top 50 Fastest-Growing Tech-companies by Deloitte’, ‘Top 10 SaaS start-ups by Oracle’ and ‘top 100 SME by Govt. of India’, FT top 100 tech companies 2020.

About Transformify

Businesses from 150+ countries use Transformify Freelancer Management System to seamlessly source, onboard, manage and pay freelancers, experts, independent contractors, tutors and contingent workers.

Transformify FMS is the solution of choice for companies operating in various industries including online learning, higher education, software development, staff augmentation, HoReCa, construction and more.

Custom integrations with ERP/ accounting/project management/ time tracking/budgeting/ treasure software and more are available upon request. The same is valid for custom approval hierarchies, user accesses, etc.

Committed to providing equal access to jobs and secure payment to everyone regardless of location, age, gender, race, ability or personal situation, Transformify FMS has received the 2017 First Women Award and the 2018 Female Entrepreneur Enterprise Award in recognition of its work in the diversity, equality and inclusion space.

Transformify Freelancer Management System has been a member of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition of the EU Commission since 2016. To tackle unemployment amid Covid-19 outbreak, Transformify FMS has submitted a new pledge – Covid 19 Response: Sustainable Remote Jobs.