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Transformify Launches Sustainable Remote Jobs Initiative to Tackle Unemployment Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

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Transformify, a UK-based Freelancer Management System ( FMS) and a member of the Digital Skills & Jobs Coalition of the EU Commission and Social Enterprise UK, has announced the launch of Sustainable Remote Jobs Initiative to tackle unemployment amid coronavirus outbreak.

Millions of people worldwide have already been laid off due to COVID-19 quarantine and lockdown. Entire industry sectors including HoReCa, tourism, airlines, transportation and more have been badly hit and had to downsize headcount. 

At the same time, companies like Amazon, Walmart, Domino’s Pizza, Zoom, etc. continue to grow due to the shift in user behavior as people have no other option than to stay at home and work remotely.

Hundreds of thousands of jobs are expected to be created in online retail, eCommerce, online gaming, eLearning, collaboration tolls, freelance marketplaces, etc.

However, to create jobs for people laid off amid coronavirus outbreak, employers need to:

(i) have information about the transferrable skills of unemployed people who have work experience within a different industry; and
(ii) be able to create temporary remote jobs for those living in the areas around the world that suffered the most like Bergamo and the red zone in Italy, Madrid in Spain, etc.

Transformify has pledged to the Digital Skills & Jobs Coalition of the EU Commission to leverage its proprietary technology to:

(i) provide information to businesses about the transferrable skills of people in need;
(ii)  to enable the entire talent acquisition process including the payment transfers worldwide; and
(iii) help job seekers upskill by providing information about the skills sought after by employers and information about relevant eLearning courses, trainings, etc.

Lilia Stoyanov, the CEO of Transformify, said:

‘’ When Transformify became a member of the Digital Skills & Jobs Coalition of the EU Commission back in 2016, we pledged to leverage our technology and communication channels to identify the digital skills gap and provide more relevant information and employment opportunities to the job seekers and businesses alike.

Providing equal access to jobs and secure payment to everyone regardless of their age, gender, race, origin, location or personal situation is a mission for Transformify. Initially, we pledged to provide access to 5 000 remote jobs and work from home jobs to people living in high unemployment areas, people with disabilities, single parents, victims of abuse and people in need of a job in general. If 5 years ago remote jobs were rare, now remote work is the norm.

The shift in mindset towards remote work we are witnessing now is a great opportunity for businesses to create temporary remote jobs and work from home jobs for people compelled to take unpaid leave or laid off amid coronavirus outbreak. We have the technology, expertise and experience to provide access to information, remote jobs and secure payment to those in need of a job.’’

Sustainable Remote Jobs Initiative: Strategy

Creating Temporary Remote Jobs

All businesses interested in the initiative can post temporary remote jobs to Transformify. Usually, these are part-time jobs and the contract duration is from one to six months. A new job category ‘’coronavirus area’’ has been deployed to make it easy for the recruiters to go through the transferrable skills of the candidates who are likely to have experience in a different industry that has laid off employees at scale.

Communication & Engagement

In addition, Transformify has launched a global communication campaign to:

(i) encourage businesses to participate in the initiative;
(ii) provide information about the transferrable skills of candidates in the areas badly hit by coronavirus outbreak; and
(iii) acknowledge the efforts and achievements of all businesses creating part-time, remote jobs and freelance jobs for people compelled to long-term unpaid leave or laid off amid coronavirus outbreak;
(iv) provide information to small business owners and startup founders on available grants, government aid and other useful resources to help them navigate their businesses in times of uncertainty.

As thousands of small businesses may not survive the lockdown, people living in rural areas and small cities across the globe will need access to temporary remote jobs for at least 18 months. Transformify HR Suite enables job search, provides information about the transferrable skills of the job seekers as well as secure payment transfers to people in need worldwide.

Sustainable Remote Jobs Initiative: Tactics

Transformify is a social enterprise and has always contributed to the local communities across the globe. We’ve never charged job seekers a fee for using our technology and made our services and HR software solutions accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Job Seekers

(i) It is free to register a job seeker profile with Transformify. Job seekers can register a profile here;
(ii) There is no limit to the number or the type of jobs job seekers can apply for. Although Sustainable Remote Jobs Initiative is focused on part-time remote jobs, Transformify supports all types of employment including full-time jobs, freelance jobs, work from home jobs, flex jobs and more.
(iii) Transformify does NOT take a cut on freelancers' and remote workers’ earnings unlike other marketplaces or freelance platforms. However, we are not in a position to waive payment provider or bank fees if such fees apply.
(iv) Transformify offers a payment guarantee to freelancers and remote workers if payments are processed via Transformify platform. Please note that we have no visibility on any other payment arrangements between the parties and can’t intervene.
(v) Transformify leverages powerful matching algorithms to match job seekers to relevant job opportunities. Job seekers are required to provide information about their skills.
(vi) As Transformify is used by hundreds of thousands of job seekers each month, most recruiters source candidates directly from our databases. Most jobs get filled in within 24 hours. Job seekers are advised to keep their profiles up to date and outline their Top 15 skills.


(i) We acknowledge the fact that most businesses struggle in times of uncertainty. Transformify Sustainable Remote Jobs Initiative supports both businesses and job seekers, and for that reason, we have decreased our payment processing fee from 10% to 1.5% by the end of 2020. Please note that we are not in a position to waive bank or payment provider fees if these apply.
(ii) Most businesses face challenges acquiring new customers. Transformify is used by 4700 businesses and millions of job seekers and newsreaders. To help companies of all sizes with business development and brand awareness, we have cut our Employer Branding, Branding and Lead Generation fees by 60%.
(iii) Businesses can register an Employer account here or contact Transformify Sales Team for more information about Sustainable Remote Jobs Campaign:


About Transformify

Trusted by recruiters and job seekers from 150+ countries, Transformify Freelancer Management System ( FMS) helps businesses of all sizes source, manage and pay consultants, experts, contingent workers and freelancers. 

Transformify won the 2017 First Women Award and 2018 Female Entrepreneur Award in the UK and was listed in Top 10 Fintech Innovations (2018) and Top 50 Most Innovative Brands (2019) in the UK.