London, UK - November, 2016

Transformify, an online platform providing remote work to those who need it the most, announces a new partnership with Laboratoria, a Latin-American social enterprise that gives low-income women the access to education and work in tech, transforming their future and bringing diversity to the tech world.

A great number of women in Latin America are unemployed or not employed officially, due to various reasons. Many face social exclusion that cannot be resolved with higher income, such as discrimination due to the ethnic or racial group, skin color, sexual identity, migrant status or disability. It is especially difficult for women living in poor rural areas. Also, according to the UNDP report the women of Latin America and the Caribbean work three times more at home (unpaid work) than men. And they earn less in the labor market, despite studying more than their male counterparts.

Laboratoria’s innovative model helps women to bridge the skills gap and increase their chances for employment. They identify young women with the potential to learn programming and give them access to a comprehensive training program that gets them ready to work in just 6 months, covering the technical and soft skills highly demanded in the web development world such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, self-education, communication, etc. Only those women who are placed in jobs pay back to Laboratoria and they continue studying in Laboratoria while working, for 18 more months, further improving their technical and soft skills, and learning English, in order to have access to the global market.

Lilia Stoyanova, CEO and Co-Founder of Transformify: “I’m very excited about our partnership as we’ll be able to offer remote job opportunities to Laboratoria’s students. They will have a chance to use their skills to land a job with one of our customers, based on 4 continents. At the same time, they will be able to enhance their skills, having access to the e-learning opportunities provided by our partners and available to all Transformify users worldwide. It will enable them to acquire the skills of high demand on the market.”

Together, Transformify and Laboratoria will create even more opportunities for young women from Latin America with a low-income, ready to show their talent in the tech world.

"Laboratoria is growing to become the leading force of female tech talent from Latin America to the world, and this partnership with Transformify is part of accomplishing this vision. Both organizations believe in the transformational power a good job can have, and are joining efforts to open more and better opportunities for young women in Latin America," Mariana Costa, Founder and CEO of  Laboratoria.

This partnership will not only make a difference in the lives of women but will enrich the society with a diverse pool of talent passionate to contribute and make a difference themselves.

About Laboratoria:

In Laboratoria we believe that people’s potential should not be limited by their income. We are obsessed with identifying young women from low-income backgrounds with potential to learn programming, to be able to give them the opportunity to transform their life through education and work in tech, where female talent is highly needed. In 2 years we have trained more than 400 students in Peru, Chile, and México. Our job placement rate is 77% (above the average US boot camp) and the employed students, on average, are tripling their income. Our students are working in the best companies in Peru, Mexico, Chile, and EEUU.