London, May 2020

Transformify HR Suite, a UK-based Freelancer Management System ( FMS) has joined forces with Paymo to provide a seamless contingent workforce management solution.

As businesses of all sizes are shifting to an on-demand workforce to optimize costs and increase efficiency, it became obvious that there are very few Vendor Management Systems / Contingent Workforce Management Systems addressing the needs of small and medium businesses (SMBs). Enterprise solutions like SAP Fieldglass and Oracle HCM are often too expensive to integrate and maintain. At the same time, entire industries like e-learning, design and creative, software development and more need a user-friendly, flexible and affordable solution to hire, manage and transfer payment to remote workers and freelancers. To address these needs, Transformify has launched Freelancer Management System that lets hiring managers to

  1. Onboard remote workers, freelancers and independent contractors;
  2. Organize their remote workforce and easily fill in open roles by staying in touch with all freelancers they have worked with before;
  3. Seamlessly assign projects to remote workers and freelancers, schedule payments, approve payments, etc.;
  4. Eliminate duplicate payments completely by implementing robust payment controls
  5. Approve and transfer payments worldwide via a click of a button;
  6. Streamline the billing/ self-billing process
  7. Source and hire freelancers, remote workers and independent contractors via the fully integrated ATS (Applicant Tracking System)
  8. Manage working capital, budgeting, payment terms, etc.
  9. Be in compliance with GDPR

As most businesses already use project management and time tracking software, Transformify provides fully customizable process flows and integrations with the software providers of choice like Jira, Asana, TimeDoctor, TimeCamp, etc. The complex onboarding process, multi-level approval hierarchy, custom upload of data to ERP, accounting and financial software and more are available upon request.

The partnership with Paymo provides a user-friendly time tracking and task management solution to the customers of Transformify. Although remote work is not anything new, many businesses are still adapting to it and find themselves unprepared to manage remote teams. Time tracking software solutions are particularly sought after as the standard time management systems based on physical presence in the office are not necessarily applicable to work from home arrangements.

About Paymo

The mission of Paymo is to empower small businesses to consistently get their job done right and on time.

This is done by delivering software that's easy to adapt and integrate into the daily workflow of any business organization, one that people actually want to use.

Paymo is trusted by more than 100.000 customers worldwide, from creative and marketing agencies to web development shops, architecture studios, consultants, and freelancers. It's also available in 24 languages, including but not limited to Japanese, Mandarin, Norwegian, and Polish.

The app allows project managers to manage tasks, create team schedules, track time, and bill clients - all from the same platform. No need to rely on messy integrations and extra costs from multiple subscriptions.