Finding a job these days is not easy for anyone. It can be especially hard for those living in high unemployment rural areas  or people in a wheel chair who are less able to move. Transformify provides them all with an opportunity to work remotely or from home on contract jobs that vary from 1 month to 2 years. All they need to do is to Join Us for free, search the list of open projects and apply. 


The businesses Transformify partners with, create remote jobs as part of their CSR (corporate social responsibility) programs. This way we jointly help to revitalize high unemployment areas and give an opportunity for lots of people to make a living. The Business Partners also have access to the best talent regardless of where the people are based.


Jointly with its Business Partners, the platform aims to contribute to the solution of a few major problems:


  • Help people in a disadvantaged position to make a living
  • Lower unemployment in high unemployment areas
  • Help manage immigration, as unemployment is one of its main drivers
  • Help manage the balance between overcrowded cities and abandoned rural areas
  • Curb the CO2 emissions related to daily commuting in/out/inside overcrowded cities