Trendimi joins Transformify in #GoRemote campaign to help empower students and millennials around the world with the knowledge they need to succeed.

Trendimi provides free Public Relations course to all the participants of the #GoRemote contest to help them bridge the skills gap. Considering that not all young people have equal access to education, Trendimi offers a perfect opportunity to acquire the skills which are of high demand.

All the courses are Accredited by ICOES. The community of Trendimi students is now over 100,000 and students come from more than 122 countries around the world. Distance learning is very convenient for the students as they can access them 24/7 from a PC, laptop/tablet or mobile device. The duration of the course varies from 25 to 150 hours, depending on the subject. The courses offered by Trendimi are rated excellent, very good or good by 90% of the students. If the students encounter any issues the assistance is always at hand and available any time of the day by email, phone or via our round the clock Help Centre.

Joining the efforts Trendimi and Transformify will be able to increase the visibility of the #GoRemote campaign, helping more students and millennials worldwide showcase their talent, get noticed by employers, and acquire the skills which are of high demand.

Both Trendimi and Transformify will distribute the information about #GoRemote to reach large coverage and make sure that information gets to as many potential participants as possible. Currently, Trendimi has more than 10K followers on Facebook and 4K followers on Instagram. Joining the efforts both companies hope that #GoRemote will benefit those who need it the most.

About Trendimi

Trendimi adds sophistication to lifestyles. It offers a great number of online courses covering a variety of subjects. Beauty, fashion and health experts expose the latest, most exhilarating trends and skills in these industries while events, interiors and business professionals offer up to date, the latest material in the corresponding courses.