There are regular remote jobs and there are Transformify remote jobs. So what is the difference and how to find a legitimate well-paying remote job?

A remote job is a great option for everyone who wants or needs to be location independent. You can work from anywhere in the work and usually it is possible to work flexible hours. Sometimes you can even earn more if compared to a local in office job due to the differences in the pay rates worldwide. Remote working has many advantages, no daily commute, and a better work -life balance among them.


Sounds great? Unfortunately, there are disadvantages too. Here’s what to look for when applying for a remote job:


Has the company that posted the remote job been verified?

There are many remote work web sites, but most don’t verify the companies posting jobs or apply KYC (Know Your Client Procedures). Transformify verifies all employers prior to allowing them to post jobs.


Will you be charged for getting a remote job trough a web site?

Some web sites may charge you for getting a remote job or receiving payment.

Getting a remote job and receiving payment trough Transformify is at NO COST to the job seekers.


Is this a permanent job or a contract job?

A company may hire you as an employee even though that you will be working remotely or from home. In this case you will receive all the benefits associated with employment, will be on the payroll list, and in many countries, there will be no need to file an annual tax return as your employer will provide the necessary information to the tax authorities.

 If this is a contract job, you will be hired as an independent remote contractor / freelancer and will have to take care of your own tax filings and tax payments. You will not be entitled to all benefits associated with employment and will have to issue an invoice for the services you have rendered. You will have to collect payments and chase your clients to pay on time.

Transformify provides a payment guarantee if you are hired as a remote contractor via Transformify CSR recruitment platform.


Will you be working remotely all the time or be required to visit the office every now and then?

Some companies – Automattic, Buffer, Time Doctor, Transformify, etc. are fully remote and others are only partially remote. It is important to check if you will be required to spend some time at the office, and if so, are the travel and accommodation costs covered by the employer.


Will you be working flexible hours or need to adjust to your employer’s time zone?

This could be tricky if you are in a different time zone. Most employers hire team members in different time zones so that they could complement each other – the developers are ahead of the QAs, the Product Team is ahead of the developers, the call center agents are in the same time zone as the clients they service, etc. However, there are employers who hire top talent regardless of the time zone. Thus, we advise all job seekers to confirm the business hours during the interview.


What jobs allow you to work remotely?

              Most jobs that are location independent could be done remotely. Still, some jobs are more likely to be transformed into remote jobs than others. These include remote developer jobs, remote marketing jobs, remote tech jobs, remote sales jobs, virtual assistants, remote programming jobs, remote IT jobs, remote writing jobs, and remote startup jobs.

According to Forbes, The 10 Top- Paying Virtual Jobs are:


Why some remote jobs are location specific?

Some companies prefer to hire remote workers in their country of incorporation as this allows the remote workers to be hired as employees and to spend some time in the office.  Other reasons may include expanding to new territories and entering new markets, and area-specific talent. Legal, licensing, and client base limitations are also to be considered. Due to all these reasons, some jobs are listed as remote jobs UK, remote jobs US, or remote jobs Europe.

Don’t be discouraged though, most remote jobs posted to Transformify are not location specific.