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ATS (Applicant Tracking System)

Recruitment Software for Managing Freelancers and Temporary Workers

Service Optimizer: Hire Freelancers, Experts, and Consultants at ease. (B2B)


Please note that Transformify is not in a position to waive bank or payment provider fees if those are applicable. 




About Transformify


Transformify is a CSR Recruitment Platform that helps businesses to access talent, transfer cross-border payments, enter new markets, and boost sustainable growth.

With Transformify, the employers can get the best independent contractors, freelancers, consultants, experts, as well as regular employees to fill vacancies in their organization, whether working remotely, telecommuting or in office. The recruitment software also comes with a billing and self-billing capabilities that allow businesses to transfer secure payments worldwide.




Benefits for Employers


Transformify bridges the gap between the best and the brightest freelance professionals and employees seeking employment and individual employers, companies, and organizations that are looking for remote-based or in office workers that match their requirements and other criteria.

With Transformify, the employers don’t have to exert much effort filtering out their pool of candidates, which can be quite time-intensive and very demanding. The recruitment software implements powerful algorithms that go through candidates’ details and threshes out the whole list, providing you with a pool of job seekers that match the criteria you have set, including skills, salary expectations, location, and more.
The CSR Recruitment platform offers access to a large pool of job seekers from more than 150 countries. The hiring process becomes so streamlined and accelerated that hiring the perfect person is a breeze and the chances of ending up with a ‘’Bad Hire’’ are minimal.




Benefits for Job Seekers


For job seekers, searching for employment becomes a walk in the park. Transformify works with employers based on three continents and with its smart matching algorithm, finding a job that is aligned with their career path and trajectory becomes less difficult and more exciting.
Transformify is also loaded with billing, self-billing, and payment transfer services, centralizes all your payments to a single vendor and Transformify will handle the rest of grunt work, leaving you free to concentrate on other things that matter the most.




About TimeDoctor



Time Doctor is a time tracking software designed specifically to give business owners the peace of mind about how their remote team is spending their working hours. You’ll get x-ray vision into what your team is doing throughout the workday.


Quickly see which team member is (or isn’t) working, which projects they are working on and which websites and applications they use while at work.


Time Doctor prevents wasted time by gently nudging team members to get back on task if they get distracted.