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Japan, Tokyo

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Position name: Backend Engineer (PHP) Employment: Full Time Employee Department: Engineering Department Work location: Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0013, Japan Training/Trial Period: 3 months, no change in terms of period, no contract period Working hours: 10:00 to 19:00 Industry: Software and information processing Job Information: Position: Backend Engineer (PHP) Department assigned: Engineering Department Recruitment background: Strategic increase to form a development team to create more practical services (Increase personnel to become an organization that can create better service systems with better cost performance)" [Details of work] "As a back-end developer in charge of Luck®, we will entrust the following services. ・ API design / implementation / test / release / maintenance / improvement Development environment Language: PHP Framework: Laravel Source code management: GitHub Project management: Backlog Document management: Confluence / Backlog wiki / Gdrive Infrastructure: Google Cloud Platform Web server: GAE Database: CloudSQL Internal chat: Slack / Zoom, etc. What is Hata Luck®️ Total support for work related to store people and work Supports management tasks required for store managers (task shift management, member education, motivation improvement, organizational development, etc.) with a single app By seamlessly connecting individual data between functions, we provide measures to improve productivity and retention by utilizing data. Features and attractiveness of position You can demonstrate your power in developing highly social services Everyone is working with the idea of “I want to improve the status of those who work in the store service industry”. Have you ever experienced a customer service when you entered a restaurant? But the person who provided that impression may not always be 100% happy. We believe that putting a knife there is our “Hata Luck®️”. [From Engineer Leader “H”] • We value mind sets as much as skill sets. • There are many problems and challenges to create a big service. • We can collaborate with our peers and share a vision from a broad perspective. • We believe it is the most effective way to counter problems and issues. • If you can share this value, please work with us. • Let's pursue technology as an engineer! Mandatory Condition: • Practical experience in designing and developing Web applications (server side) • Database design experience • Knowledge and experience in Git (performance over project) • Japanese – Business level (N2) Welcome / preferable • SaaS (Software as a service) development experience • Experience building websites using Laravel • Basic knowledge of HTML / CSS / JavaScript • Database construction / operation experience • Basic network knowledge • Experience developing and operating web applications using public clouds such as AWS / GCP Expected annual salary: when entering the company 4.2 million yen-7.8 million yen Benefits & Welfare: Wage system: Annual system Break time: 60 points Overtime work: none Fixed overtime system No Treatment conditions / sales bonus Transportation expenses are paid in full Salary increase: As needed Bonus: Once a year (December * depending on company performance)" Welfare: Full social insurance (health insurance, welfare annuity insurance, employment insurance, and workmen's insurance) Others: Book purchase assistance, conference participation assistance, homework recommendation (remote work is recommended until 2 days a week for households with children), anniversary allowance (once a day specified by yourself / congratulations and catalog) Gift) Holiday: [Annual holiday 124 days] - 2 days a week, Golden Week, summer vacation, New Year holiday, special holidays, paid holidays. Application Method: Please send us your updated English & Japanese resumes at:


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