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Position name: Customer Support/Call Center Work location: Work from home Vacancies: More than 11 employees Employment Type: Full-time employee Department: Customer Support Department Probationary period: "Yes (3 to 6 months) Working hours: 09:00 ~ 21:15 Job Description: We mainly handle inquiries about various products (smartphones, tablets, etc.) and services (e-commerce, etc.) provided by major global companies that are among the top 10 in the "Fortune 500". *Language proficiency is not required, as it is supported in Japanese! [Flow after joining the company] Basically, we will take about a month of online training to acquire basic knowledge of the products and services we are in charge of and support methods (with manual). After the training, we will respond to inquiries from domestic customers through telephone and email. If you don't understand, You can get staff's support online★ [The greatest merit of our success] Work style by "100% working from home". Therefore, there is a chance that anyone living in any area from Hokkaido to Okinawa can play an active role. Therefore, staff who are working while balancing childcare are also active. Perfect for those who want to work for a long time while maintaining a good balance with their current lives! " Job requirements: (must conditions) ◆ Person who can join the company on Tuesday, July 28 ◆High communication ability ◆Basic PC operation, typing ability using keyboard ◆ Those who have a quiet working environment where no outside noise is heard ◆Environment that has optical communication line and can work by wire (Wi-Fi is not possible)" Welcome conditions: ◆Call center, experienced customer support ◆ An experienced person who has supported various scenes at the hotel front desk etc. Expected annual income when joining the company: 2.68 million yen to 2.80 million yen Company Benifits: Wage system: Others (daily pay, hourly pay, etc.) Break time: 60 minutes Overtime work "Yes: 20 hours a month on average" "Discretionary labor system: Fixed overtime pay system" Neither Benefits/Bonus bonus "◆ Hourly wage: 1400 yen *In consideration of skill, experience, schedule, etc., the hourly wage may be 1100 yen if it is decided on a schedule other than Tuesday, July 28. In that case, the monthly salary will be from 176,000 yen, and the expected annual income will be from 21,10,000 yen, so please understand before applying. *The amount of payment will be determined with due consideration of previous job, experience and ability. * Trial period up to 6 months (no change in treatment) *There is a possibility that a full-time employee will be promoted after the trial period ends. ◆Bonus: None ◆ Salary increase: Once a year ◆Overtime allowance: Full payment” Welfare: "Social insurance ◆ Welfare pension ◆Paid leave ◆Celebratory leave and condolence money" Holiday: "◆ Complete weekly 2 days system (shift system) ◆ Annual paid ◆ Special leave (Keiko, Maternity, Marriage, Childcare)" Application Method: Please apply from the site below (registration required) Or Please send us your update English & Japanese resumes at:


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