Game Planner (8 million JPY)

Japan, Tokyo

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Project description

Position name: Game Planner

Employment: Full-time employee

Work location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Trial Period: 3 months

Working hours: 09:00-17:45


Job description:

• "Success" game gimmick planning-specification formulation

• Formulation of "success" production specifications and script creation

• Ivechara design

• Simulation of experience points and adjustment of balance

• Planning of special abilities-Specification formulation

• Explanation and sharing of specifications within the team of the measures in charge

• Progress management of measures in charge

• Creating texts such as UI / how to play and notifications



Must Condition:

• JLPT N1 level

• Basic knowledge of Office tools

• Playing experience of the app version of "Jikkyo Powerful Professional Baseball" and "Jikkyo Powerful Soccer" (Success)

• 3 years or more of game development experience * Mobile / PC / Home use

• Experience in game management 


Welcome conditions:

• Level design experience

• communication ability

• Play skills that can train high-ranked players to some extent in the app version of "Jikkyo Powerful Professional Baseball" and "Jikkyo Powerful Soccer" (Success)

• Specification formulation of game scenario production, script creation ability (experience)

• Ability to create texts such as UI / how to play and notifications "


Annual salary: 4 to 8 million yen

Increment: Once a year

Bonus: Twice a year


Break time: 60 minutes

Overtime work: 30 hours a month on avarage 



Child care support/ In-house recruitment and awards/ Various club activities/ In-house study session / training/ Complete with social insurance and various types of insurance/ Defined contribution pension/ Property Accumulation Savings/ Employee stock ownership association/ All work locations are completely non-smoking indoors (no smoking room) "


Holiday: Annually 126 days

Weekends, public holiday, Summer, New Year holidays, Annual paid leave, Childcare, nursing leave


Application Method:

Please apply from the site below



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