German Speaking Content Editor [Osaka, Japan]

Japan, Osaka

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[Job Location] Osaka Prefecture [Department] TC Division [Employment Type] Regular employee [Specific Work Content] Editing work of the manual of agricultural machine manufacturer By meeting with the customer, keep the change information from the previous model, and based on the manual of the previous model, Create a new manuscript. In addition, place orders and purchase processing for translation companies, translators, and DTP workers in and outside Japan, and if necessary, develop and recruit outsourced companies. [Business Trip Area] Europe & Asia [Application Condition] • German- Native level • Japanese- Business level (JLPT N2) • Interpretation and translation experience [Preferable] Document editing experience in machines and cars. [Salary] 3.5 - 5 Million JPY Annually * As a result of interviews, you may be selected as contract employees. In that case, at the time of joining the company, when you get the qualifications related to the work you set up, you will be shifted to regular employment. [Working Hours] 09: 00 ~ 18: 00 [Holiday] Weekends / National holidays and New Year / Summer time. [Annual Holidays] 115 days [Overtime Pay] Depending on time [Welfare] • Pay raise once in a Year • Bonus two times in a year • Maternity leave after childbirth, childcare care leave system • Qualification support system (supports learning) • Qualification incentive fee (20,000-500,000 yen) * 20 for example for DTP expert Ten thousand yen [Insurance] Full Social Insurance. [Transportation Expenses] Fully covered. [How to Apply] Please send your updated CV to our e-mail address


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Japan, Osaka
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