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Employment Type: Full-time employee Trial period: 6 months (It might be a contract type employee after request is considered.) Work Station: Tokyo, Japan Specific work content: We are proceeding with our business partners and engaging in software and system development as well as operation maintenance. There are three major categories, but in this position a potential candidate mainly involved in IT solution services. Creative solution service We are developing for a wide range of platforms such as smartphones, browsers, homes, arcades and gaming machines (games). • IT solution service Providing customers with high-level best solutions for all languages and services. Such as, open system and Web system development services, infrastructure design / build / general purpose machines, operation maintenance / operation design, kitting / help desk and etc. • Development of creators & engineers The company recognizes that active challenges and fostering growing creators are essential. In order to improve the technical and human skills of our employees. We have established a training room and expanded the training system. • Ease of work The monthly average overtime work is less than 15 hours. If the set limit exceeded, we will follow closely from the company such as interviews with supervisors and industrial physicians. We have created an environment where employees can work with peace of mind, such as by setting up a "work trouble hotline" where anyone can talk about work troubles, questions, or anxiety. Required conditions:  More than half a year's programming experience (language not required) Welcoming Skills • Skills and experiences such as JAVA, PHP, .Net (VB / ASP), C #, C, C ++, Android, Objective-C, etc. • Upper process experience such as requirements definition and detailed design Required Languages: Japanese - Business level, English - Native level Estimated annual income: 3 million yen to 6 million yen Welfare: ■ Health insurance • welfare pension • employment insurance • worker’s compensation insurance ■ Club off system: By making a credit card with a free annual fee, you can receive discount discounts in a wide range of fields such as theme parks, restaurants, movies, travel and fitness. ■ President's award (all employee planning receptionist) ■ Extreme Club Activity Subsidy (Retro Game Club, Dart Club, Basketball Club, Movie Club, K-ON Club, Kospure Club, Low Mountain Hiking Club) ■ There is in-house training ■ System for health insurance union members (discounts such as health check and health insurance association tie-up recreation facilities, facility use, sports gym, leisure facilities, restaurants, etc.) ■ Health consultation dial ■ Property saving system ■ Qualification acquisition examination expense subsidy (※ limited to qualification specified by company) ■ Book purchasing system Working hours: 09:30〜18:30 Holiday: Two-day holiday (Saturday and Sunday), public holidays, GW, summer vacation, New Year holidays, Keio holidays, paid holidays, special holidays. Application method: Please send us your update English & Japanese resumes at


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