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Japan, Tokyo

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[Work Content] • Hall • customer service (greetings, taking orders, food and drink distribution, checkout) • cleaning (dishwashing, cleaning in the store) • kitchen • cooking [Training] 50 hours of training Staffs will be taught how to say greetings, how to serve customers, the contents of the menu, how to cook and so on. [Employment form] part time job [Job Type] Customer service/ kitchen staff [Application condition] • Japanese – Conversational level (JLPT N3) [Salary] • An hourly salary of 1,000-1200 JPY (varies depending on the store.) • The training period is -50 / -100 yen (varies depending on the store.) [Working hours] 10:00 to 24:00 [Holidays] According to shift table. [Insurance] Work injury [Commuting means] Public institutions only (trains, buses). [How to apply] - Please send your resume at the following e-mail address:


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Japan, Tokyo
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