Senior QA Engineer

India, Kolkata

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Project description

As a Senior QA Engineer, you will be part of the team developing our core product. Requirements: Candidates must have a minimum of 6 yrs of Experience in QA of product with demonstrable market share/customer installed base. The qualified candidate must have solid knowledge of Linux Operating System including Network configuration and setup, Docker containers setup and configuration, functional and performance testing at both the OS and Application layers. The responsibilities include designing and developing automated tests services running within containers, system level application running in CentOS, CoreOS etc. and HTTP APIs. Testing will address all areas of functionality including feature, performance, regression and capacity evaluations in all environments and networking configurations. Must have the ability to write detailed test plan, develop comprehensive test cases and be able to set and meet delivery schedules and deadlines. Additionally also must have the ability to reproduce and isolate faults, and perform root cause investigation for bug analysis in complex configurations.


Permanent role 2-month trial period.

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India, Kolkata
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