No. Member profiles are kept confidential and visible to the Partners and TFY team only.

No. Transformify will not sell your personal information to third parties. However, Transformify reserves the right to send you information about marketing campaigns jointly organized with the Employers (Partners) of Transformify. You can change your preferences at any time by visiting the 'Settings'' section of your job seeker ( Member) profile. 

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was adopted in April 2016 and will take effect across the European Union (EU) on 25 May 2018, when it supersedes the 28 current national data protection laws based on the 1995 Data Protection Directive.

A number of rights have been introduced under GDPR, including:

  • Valid consent
  • The right to be forgotten ( RTBF)
  • Consent withdrawal
  • Right of access
  • Right to rectification
  • Right to restriction

TFY ( Transformify Ltd) is a workforce management system offering the following modules/functionalities:

  • ATS( Applicant Tracking System)
  • FMS ( Freelancer Management System)
  • VMS( Vendor Management System)
  • EOR ( Employer of Record)


Transformify (TFY) processes payments according to the payment instructions provided by the Partners. Most Partners instruct Transformify (TFY) (TFY) to process payments in 1 to 15 days. However, exceptions may apply.

The status of your payment will change to Payment ordered/ Paid once the payment has been ordered to you. 

Yes. To do so, you need to register your Transformify (TFY) member account under the name of your company, provide all documents required for compliance reasons, provide the registered address and payment details of your company.

Yes. To do so, you need to log into your Transformify (TFY) member account, navigate to Payments/ Payment details,select Payoneer from the list and follow the instructions on screen.

No. All you need to have is a valid IBAN/account number and BIC/SWIFT issued by your local bank. Please note that Revolut does not cover all countries and you need to check on Revolut’s website if payments to your country are supported.

Yes, Transformify (TFY) ( TFY) offers local payments in local currency via Payoneer and Revolut. The service is available across the globe, excluding any sanctioned countries.

Simply navigate to Payments/ Payment details, select Debit Card/ edit Payment Details and fill in your cad details. If your bank does not support order-to-card ( OTC), you will see a warning message on screen informing you that your bank does not support order-to-card ( OTC).

Yes, Transformify (TFY) offers SEPA and SWIFT payments. SEPA payments are available in the European Union. SWIFT payments are available worldwide.

The payment statuses have the following meanings:

(i) Created - the payment has been created by the Partner and is pending review and approval.

(ii) Reviewed - the payment has been reviewed by the Partner and is pending approval.

(iii) Payment Ordered and/or Paid - the payment has been processed and you will receive it in 1 to 5 days. 

Yes, you are taxed on the projects you complete on Transformify (TFY). You are responsible for filing your tax return and paying all applicable taxes on your income, including income tax, self-employment tax, and state and local taxes, etc., depending on your country of tax residence. Please note that your country of tax residence may not be the same as the country you are currently based in. 

Yes, Transformify (TFY) issues 1099s to freelancers and self-employed individuals if applicable. You will be able to download 1099s from your Transformify (TFY) (TFY)  member account.

To change your password, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Transformify (TFY) account.

  2. Click on your profile picture in the top right corner of the page.

  3. Select "Settings".

  4. Click "Password Settings" > “Edit”.

  5. Enter your current password and create a new password.

  6. Click on the "Save Changes" button.

There are three ways to contact Transformify (TFY) support:

  • Email: You can email Transformify (TFY) support at

  • Live chat: You can start a live chat with Transformify (TFY) support by clicking on the "Chat" button at the bottom right corner of the Transformify (TFY) website.


Transformify (TFY) support is available from Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST via email and chat only.

Yes, you can hire international workers without an Employer of Record (EOR) by setting up a legal entity in the respective country or by engaging them as contractors. However, both methods have their complexities and risks. Opting for an EOR service provides a streamlined and cost-effective solution, mitigating compliance risks and offering a seamless alternative to establishing a local entity . Transformify (TFY) employer of record (EOR) services support the hassle-free employment of international workers, ensuring compliance and efficiency for your global expansion initiatives.

Transformify (TFY) offers services at a competitive price. Our transparent pricing model ensures affordability and predictability for your global team expansion. With no hidden fees, minimums, contract lengths, or exclusivity agreements, Transformify's Employer of Record (EOR) services provide a cost-effective solution for your business needs.

When comparing Employer of Record (EOR) services, it's crucial to evaluate the breadth of global HR solutions offered, such as payroll and benefits administration, onboarding, and local tax management.You should compare how comprehensive and reliable these services are across different providers, and whether they meet your specific needs and expectations. Additionally, the EOR's ownership of a local entity in the target country is essential to ensure oversight and control over the quality of the employee experience. Intellectual property (IP) protections are also paramount, as they safeguard businesses from potential legal disputes related to IP ownership in different countries. Transformify (TFY) distinguishes itself by providing robust IP protections and data security, and offering best-in-class global employment software to meet diverse business needs. TFY acts as the business's trusted partner navigating a vast network of reputable employer of record (EOR) providers for international hiring, handling payroll, payments, and taxes without the need for a local legal entity.

Yes, compliance is our top priority at Transformify (TFY). Our team of legal and benefits experts along with the local advisors of our EOR partners, work to ensure that our compensation and benefits plans are fully compliant in every country we hire in, tracking all recent changes in the applicable legislation. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of legal and tax compliance to support our clients and their global workforce.

The aggregator model, when working with an Employer of Record (EOR), involves partnering with an EOR provider who, in turn, collaborates with a network of In-Country Partners (ICPs) in different countries. Transformify (TFY) adheres to a robust vetting process when selecting the In-Country Partners (ICPs) in its global network. This model can offer increased efficiency, higher quality, improved access to information, reduced admin costs, increased trustworthiness, broader reach, better pricing, and improved customer experience. By centralizing various components of a supply chain or marketplace, aggregators reduce redundancy and optimize resource allocation, leading to enhanced efficiency. Additionally, the aggregator model can provide standardized pricing, unified technology, and offer economies of scale, making it a go-to option for businesses planning global expansion.

Transformify (TFY) offers 2 Open APIs and can integrate with any external system if that is needed. In all cases, your EOR employees can login to their Transformify (TFY) accounts and download their paystubs. The paystubs can be automatically sent over via email to your EOR employees if you wish so.

Transformify(TFY) supports a range of payment methods including SWIFT, SEPA, local bank transfers, push-to-card, e-wallet, PayPal, Revolut, Payoneer, debit cards for employees and contractors, payments in 20+ cryptocurrencies, etc. We constantly add new payment methods to address the needs of our business clients and their global workforce of EOR employees, independent contractors and freelancers.

When managing independent contractors, there are a few actions you may take to guarantee compliance and prevent possible penalties. First and foremost, it's critical to gain an understanding of the national labor rules and ordinances of the countries in which your contractors are located. To assist you and your independent contractors and freelancers in navigating the applicable labor and tax legislation, Transformify (TFY) offers general contract templates and guidance. We strongly advise you to make sure that your independent contractors and freelancers are following the terms and conditions by periodically checking their work and the documentation they have provided. This will help you monitor compliance. Maintaining robust records of the work completed by your independent contractors and freelancers will  enable you to prove compliance. Finally, staying up-to-date with any changes in labor and tax laws and regulations in the countries where your independent contractors and freelancers are based can help you adapt your compliance policies quickly. When managing independent contractors and freelancers through Transformify (TFY), you can benefit from defining a set of mandatory documents that are to be uploaded and/or signed by each independent contractor and/or freelancer, robust communication across multiple communication channels, automated invoicing and payments and many other tools that will help you to stay in compliance.

Transformify(TFY) fully automates the payments to independent contractors and freelancers across 184 countries. You can create payments via a simple csv file upload and provide instructions about the preferred payment method, currency, etc. Alternatively, you can utilize Transformify(TFY) Open API and integrate with any system that you might have internally. This will allow us to automatically pull out information, create and process thousands of payments without human intervention.

Moreover, your independent contractors and freelancers can set up default payment method and provide their payment details via their Transformify (TFY) member accounts. There is no need for you to collect bank details, update payment details, etc.

Transformify (TFY) ensures local compliance across borders by working closely with local legal and tax experts to incorporate up-to-date legal and regulatory frameworks. This approach ensures that the independent contractor hiring process aligns with international and local laws and employment standards. Transformify (TFY) provides a seamless and compliant experience for businesses engaging independent contractors across the globe, mitigating potential risks associated with worker misclassification and non-compliance and ensuring adherence to relevant labor and tax regulations.

You can onboard your entire workforce in minutes via a simple csv file upload. A monthly subscription fee of GBP 5 per independent contractor will be charged only if you transfer payments or assign projects to the independent contractor during the respective month. 

A payment processing and billing automation fee of 1.5% is charged on all processed payments. 

Any payment provider or bank fees will be passed over to you if such fees apply.

Yes, you can bring your own independent contractor database into the Transformify (TFY) platform. Transformify(TFY) offers a seamless onboarding experience for both you and your independent contractors and freelancers, ensuring a frictionless transition to the platform. The customer success team at Transformify(TFY) will work closely with you to facilitate the onboarding process, making it easy for you to manage your existing independent contractors and freelancers on the platform.

Yes, Transformify (TFY) can be used to pay independent contractors and freelancers located outside the EU and U.S. Our services are available across 184 countries. Please be aware that some services might be limited to certain countries only due to local regulations.

Transformify (TFY) prioritizes swift freelancer and independent contractor payments. Same-day payments are supported and our business clients can process payments on the same day as the self-billing invoice is approved. 

Depending on the preferred payment method, your team of independent contractors and freelancers will receive payments within minutes if they have Payoneer, PayPal or Revolut accounts, or within 1-3 days if they have opted for crypto, local bank payments or any other supported payment method.

You can also schedule contractor payments to be processed on a selected date in the future.

The applicable rules and legislation vary a lot across the globe. In general, determining whether someone is an independent contractor involves assessing the degree of control the employer has over the worker's work and the worker's independence. For example, the IRS in the US has a three-factor test that considers behavioral control, financial control, and the relationship between the parties, while IR 35 in the UK provides guidance on worker classification, etc. Misclassifying workers can lead to costly fees, penalties, taxes, and legal violations. It's important to understand the distinctions between employees and independent contractors to ensure compliance with relevant labor and tax regulations. Transformify (TFY) offers guidance and tools to help businesses classify workers correctly and mitigate potential risks associated with engaging freelancers and independent contractors.

Invoices are issued automatically for every approved batch of payments. You may assign user access rights based on the internal policies of your organization. There is no limit to the number of representatives per company. Apart from the standard access rights, Transformify (TFY) can support custom user access rights upon request. During the onboarding process, our integration team will work closely with you to map your requirements and address any specific user access requirements.

Freelancers managed via  Transformify (TFY) are paid promptly upon receipt of payment instructions from you. Invoices and self-billing invoices are issued automatically upon payment approval. Depending on the speed of payment from you, freelancers can receive their payments within minutes if they have Payoneer, PayPal or Revolut accounts and within 1-3 days if you opt for any other supported payment method.

Yes, freelancers and independent contractors can have multiple rates. For example, your freelancers and independent contractors can set hourly, daily, monthly, etc. rates. Transformify (TFY) also supports customer rates upon request. These include rate per translated word or page, rate per edited video, etc. These rates are industry-specific and subject to customization. 

It depends. Some standard integrations - eg. with Slack, are included in our pricing. More complex integrations with ERP systems that require custom rules are subject to customization and not included in our pricing.

Most banks and payment providers require the  2 letter country codes aka Alpha-2 code to properly route and process payments. You can find the list of 2 letter country codes aka Alpha-2 code here - .

Certainly! With Transformify (TFY) human resources management system (HRIS), you can manage employees, independent contractors and freelancers across 184 countries. Moreover, customizations and localization of Transformify (TFY) platform are available upon request. Via our Open APIs, we can easily integrate with your payroll software, ATS or any other system that you have in place.

There is no limit to the number of employees, independent contractors and freelancers that can be added to Transformify's HRMS. Moreover, you will be charged a subscription fee only for active team members. No monthly subscription fee will be charged for terminated employees, independent contractors and freelancers that have not been assigned a project or have not received payment during the respective month, etc.

The benefits of a modern human resources management system (HRMS) include improved employee self-service accounts, enhanced data security, automation of routine tasks, efficient onboarding and performance assessment, time savings, increased accuracy, and simplified compliance and document management. These advantages contribute to increased productivity, improved data accuracy, and streamlined HR processes, benefiting the organization as a whole.

Absolutely. You can create a directory for your global team of employees, independent contractors and freelancers. Our interactive org chart not only presents your organizational structure at a glance, but also allows you to filter team members by job title skills, or direct manager. Once you find the right person within your organization, you can easily communicate with them via the org chart itself.

Absolutely! Transformify (TFY) is designed to be user-friendly and accessible for individuals without an extensive background in HR or payroll. Our platform is used by finance teams, project managers, integration teams and anyone in your organization involved in team management, hiring, billing, payments, budgeting, reconciliations and more.

There is no limit to the number of representatives or admins that can use your Transformify (TFY) partner account. Moreover, you can assign different access rights to each group of representatives. 

Transformify (TFY) Vendor Management System (VMS) revolutionizes contractor management by offering unparalleled speed, global reach, and risk mitigation. Unlike traditional AORs, our VMS ensures rapid setup times, enabling clients to onboard and manage independent contractors and freelancers globally within hours, not weeks. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, we eliminate misclassification risks and fully automate billing and payments, providing a compliant and efficient solution for global contractor management and vendor management.

Local bank transfers, PayPal, Payoneer, Revolut, HSBC, Venmo, Crypto, and Order-to-card (OTC) are just a few of the payment options that Transformify provides. Depending on the chosen payment method and additional variables, the processing time for payments may vary. If your workers have PayPal, Payoneer, Revolut or Venmo, they will receive payment within minutes.  For further information on Transformify's payment options and processing durations, see the company's official website or contact their support staff for individualised help.

Hiring through an Agent of Record (AOR) offers several benefits, including reduced risk, organizational efficiency, and access to a broader pool of independent contractors. AORs act as intermediaries between talent suppliers and independent contractors, ensuring compliance with local laws, proper classification, and accurate payment handling. AORs also streamline administrative tasks, optimize processes, and enhance overall operational efficiency, allowing companies to focus on high-priority and revenue-generating activities.

TFY (Transformify Ltd) keeps your information confidential. The specified Group is kept strictly confidential and displayed to Partners only.  TFY (Transformify Ltd) will not sell, publish, transmit or otherwise disclose Member information prior to obtaining the written consent of the Member.  

Bank transfers are used by the general public, businesses and banks in order to move money from one account to another account. Such transfers previously had be completed within a bank branch but the rise of internet banking now means that individuals can carry out bank transfers themselves. The speed of a bank transfer depends upon the method being used and the amount of money that is being transferred. A person will sometimes transfer money between their own bank accounts; these accounts may be at the same bank or at a different bank. Bank transfers are regarded as one of the safest way of moving large amounts of money from one bank account to another bank account.


It's fast. Which means that payments usually arrive the same business day.


It's flexible. You can move money, pay bills and set up payments 24 hours a day.

It's safe, as long as you use the right payment details.


More information is available on:


All Transformify users have a direct access to their profiles and can at any time (i) amend the information they have provided to Transformify, (ii) delete the information they have previously provided, (iii) exercise the right to be forgotten (RTBF) by sending a request to . 

Transformify ATS ( Applicant Tracking System ) uses powerful candidate matching algorithms to provide recruiters and headhunters with lists of candidates matching their requirements. Moreover, most senior-level jobs are listed as ''private'' and not publicly displayed to the job seekers. 

To be contacted by recruiters, hiring managers and head hunters, job seekers need to clearly define their skills and achievements. 

Transformify (TFY) supports a variety of payment methods, including:

  • Local bank transfers 

  • SEPA, SWIFT, local ACH in the US

  • PayPal

  • Payoneer

  • Revolut

  • HSBC

  • Venmo

  • Crypto

  • Order-to-card ( OTC)

You can choose the payment method that is most convenient for you.

To connect your Payoneer account with Transformify (TFY) (TFY), follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your TFY account.

  2. Go to Payments. 

  3. Go to Payment Details.

  4. Select Payoneer.

  5. Click on edit details and follow the link ‘’ Already have a Payoneer account?’’ 

Once you have connected your Payoneer account with TFY, you will be able to receive payments from TFY directly to your Payoneer account.

Yes, you can apply for a Payoneer debit card via Transformify (TFY) while opening your Payoneer account.

If you already have a Payoneer account and you have connected that account with Transformify (TFY), then you can apply for a debit card via Payoneer’s website.

Yes. Transformify (TFY) offers debit cards jointly with Payoneer and Mastercard. To order a debit card, you need to open a Payoneer account. To do so, you need to either:

 ( i) log in to your Transformify (TFY) member account, navigate to Payments/ Payment details, select Payoneer, Edit details, and follow the instructions on the screen, or

(ii) navigate to and follow the instructions to open a Payoneer account.

Once your Payoneer account has been activated, you can apply for a debit card via Payoneer’s website. 

Yes, Transformify (TFY) offers order-to-card (OTC) payments. However, this service is not supported by all banks across the globe.

No. All you need to do is to provide your card number and card expiry date. The card details are provided directly to the payment provider supporting the order-to-card ( OTC) service.


Please note that for security reasons, Transformify (TFY) does not process or store your card details.

Yes, Transformify (TFY) offers local ACH payments in the US. You need to provide your account number and routing number if you want to be paid via local ACH in the US.

The Partners of Transformify ( TFY) can specify a scheduled date in the future. This means that the payment will be processed on or after the specified future scheduled date.

Filing your annual tax return is entirely your responsibility. You may need to seek advice from a tax accountant on filing taxes and the respective deadlines based on your country of tax residence.

To update your profile information, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Transformify (TFY) account.

  • Click on your profile picture in the top right corner of the page.

  • Select "Edit" from the dropdown menu.

  • Make the desired changes to your profile information.

  • Click on the "Save" button.

As a member, you can communicate with those Partners that have added you to their teams. To do so, please navigate to your member dashboard, select Inbox/  Message Partner Support and select the Partner representative/s you want to message.

An Employer of Record (EOR) is a partner that helps companies hire employees globally without setting up a legal entity in each country.Transformify (TFY) serves as an EOR representative, handling payroll, taxes, benefits, and compliance to free up businesses to extend their global workforces with ease. With Transformify (TFY), you can hire full-time workers in more than 150+ countries by utilizing our vast network of EOR partners. This gives you the freedom and agility to build your global staff as your company expands. Selecting Transformify (TFY) as your Employer of Record helps you avoid the dangers involved in employing people abroad and streamlines the process of hiring globally, freeing you up to concentrate on your main business operations and promoting long-term success.

An Employer of Record is a third-party service provider who acts as your legal representative when hiring employees abroad. This means that the EOR becomes the legal employer of the workers, handling HR, payroll, benefits, and compliance. Choosing an EOR is an economical choice, particularly if you are recruiting a smaller number of employees in a new country. It protects your company against possible compliance issues brought on by the misclassification of international contractors.

A Professional Employer Organization is a third-party provider that assists with HR, payroll, and employment-related tasks. In a PEO arrangement, the provider and the company have shared employment responsibilities. The PEO oversees HR and payroll-related decisions, while the company retains more control over day-to-day tasks and business decisions.

In conclusion, a PEO is suited for enterprises that want HR, administrative, and payroll help in countries where they already have a corporate presence, whilst an EOR is best for organizations seeking to grow their workforce in a new country without incorporating a legal entity locally.

An Employer of Record (EOR) assumes the role of the legal employer for your employees in other countries, effectively mitigating liability and compliance risks by managing the complexities of international employment. This includes tasks such as handling employment contracts, payroll, taxes, statutory rights, benefits, and terminations on your behalf. By partnering with an employer of record EOR, companies can streamline global workforce expansion, ensuring compliance with local employment laws and regulations while focusing on business growth. The EOR's responsibilities also encompass managing employee onboarding, payroll processing, benefits administration, and ensuring legal and regulatory compliance for the distributed workforce. At Transformify (TFY), our EOR services provide a comprehensive solution for global workforce expansion, offering legal employment of global and remote workers, locally compliant employment contracts, international payroll processing, and employee benefits and perks. 

Using an Employer of Record (EOR) is legal and can be a strategic solution for companies expanding globally. An EOR acts as the legal employer, handling payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance for international employees. It is essential to choose an EOR with a local entity and expertise in the countries of operation to ensure compliance and seamless global hiring. Transformify (TFY) adheres to a robust vetting process to ensure top-quality EOR partners in its global network that offer comprehensive solutions for global workforce management, making it easier for companies to navigate the complexities of international employment laws and regulations.

Employer of Record (EOR) simplifies global hiring - but not everywhere. Complex labor legislation in some countries across the globe may require a different approach.Transformify (TFY)  experts can guide you on the best path for your international expansion.

Depending on the country and the complexity of the local labor legislation, it may take anything from a couple of hours to a week for an EOR employee to be fully onboarded. Transformify (TFY)s team will guide you on every step you take to ensure compliance with the respectivelocal labor and tax legislation.

Transformify (TFY) offers transparent pricing and there are no hidden fees. If you use our Contractor Management and Vendor Management System (VMS), you will be charged 1.5% on processed payment volumes plus any monthly subscription fees - eg. member subscription fee, fee per signed electronic document, etc. if such fees are applicable. Any payment provider and bank fees are passed over to you if applicable.

Absolutely! Transformify (TFY) welcomes your existing contractors with open arms. You can onboard your global team of contractors via a simple csv file upload. An account will be automatically created for each independent contractor and all necessary data will be automatically populated as well. Needless to say, the automatically created accounts are in compliance with GDPR and in line with the applicable data privacy regulations.

When it comes to independent contractor management and payroll on-demand services, Transformify (TFY) offers a comprehensive solution to streamline onboarding, billing and payments and ensure compliance. Our workforce management system automates onboarding and billing, facilitates international payments, and handles document management and compliance in multiple countries. By leveraging our services, you can eliminate mundane tasks, minimize the risk of human errors, and focus on your core businessoperations. Additionally, our expert guidance and on-demand support help you navigate the complexities of onboarding independent contractors in over 184 countries, ensuring a seamless and compliant process. With Transformify (TFY) , you can efficiently manage your global workforce and seamlessly handle assessments, communication, billing and payments.

A global contractor is an independent professional or self-employed person engaged on a project or fixed-term basis, providing businesses with specialized expertise across international borders. For example, the independent contractors might be based in Brazil and the business their provide services to might be based in the UK.  Unlike conventional employees, these remote workers operate without employee benefits, offering flexibility to address skill gaps and short-term priorities. It's crucial to navigate potential misclassification risks. Leverage Transformify (TFY)’s expertise for precise country-specific regulations and requirements, ensuring informed worker classification decisions. Transformify (TFY)  excels in delivering tailored solutions for seamless global talent management, connecting businesses with top talent worldwide for enhanced workforce agility and performance.

Transformify (TFY) can help with financial processes and reporting by providing features such as:
1. Tracking contractors' invoices, payments, and availability.
2. Fully automated billing and payments to independent contractors.
3. Open API integration with project management tools, HRIS, and more for an unparalleled contractor management experience.

Our business clients can create and process thousands of payments via our Open API. All invoices can be pulled via our Open API and automatically posted into the financial software or ERP system of our business customers. 

Verifying tax ID and banking information is crucial for paying independent contractors promptly and in compliance with tax withholding requirements.  Transformify (TFY) simplifies this process by securely capturing and verifying worker tax ID and banking details during onboarding. This ensures timely payments and prevents any legal complications. Trust Transformify (TFY) for streamlined onboarding, safeguarding your compliance and payment processes.

Paying independent contractors and freelancers the same way you pay full-time employees is not common. Typically, independent contractors and freelancers do not receive a salary and are not entitled to employment benefits; instead, they are paid a predetermined rate upon completion of a certain project or service. Because they are not in charge of administering taxes or providing benefits to independent contractors and freelancers, utilizing an external workforce gives businesses flexibility and results in cost savings.To maintain compliance with the applicable labor and tax legislation, it's critical to comprehend the differences in compensation between paying independent contractors, freelancers and full-time employees.

Transformify (TFY) supports omnichannel communication. You can message your team of independent contractors and freelancers via our platform, send emails, integrate your Slack channel and more. 

It is important to keep W-2 employees separate from 1099 independent contractors to mitigate risk, particularly in terms of worker classification. Misclassification of workers can lead to costly fees, penalties, taxes, and legal violations. W-2 employees are on the company's payroll and are entitled to employment benefits, while 1099 contractors are self-employed and responsible for their own taxes and benefits. Keeping these worker types separate helps ensure compliance with relevant labor and tax regulations, reducing the risk of legal and financial consequences associated with worker misclassification.

Yes, Transformify (TFY) allows businesses to have multiple entities under one parent organization. We support complex structures involving subsidiaries across borders, numerous representatives that are to be assigned different accesses and user rights, etc. Please note that complex structures are subject to customization.

Yes, all you need to do is to set up the email addresses of the departments or individuals within your organization that need to receive issued invoices via email. You can add or remove recipient emails at any time via your invoice settings panel.

The payment details are typically agreed upon during the onboarding process or when the contract is being established. These particulars include the timetable for payments, the billing procedure, and any particular terms pertaining to payments, such the due date for bills. Your team of freelancers and contractors can update their payment details or switch their default payment methods at any time by logging to their Transformify(TFY) member accounts.

Absolutely! Transformify (TFY) supports documet folders and both you and your team of freelancers and independent contractors can upload and share documents with each other. Moreover, you can select a document template that is to be sent over to your team of freelancers and independent contractors and signed online via e-signature.

A self-billing invoice is issued by the customer subject to a mutual agreement between the parties. Instead of waiting for the supplier to issue a bill, the customer calculates the amount owed, applies any relevant taxes, and sends a formal invoice document to the supplier. This streamlined process benefits both parties by boosting efficiency, accelerating payments, minimizing errors, and potentially improving cash flow. However, a formal agreement and strong internal controls are crucial to ensure accuracy, compliance, and prevent misuse.

Transformify(TFY) issues a self-billing invoice on behalf of the independent contractors and freelancers managed via Transformify(TFY) platform. This saves time and effort allowing independent contractors and freelancers to focus on their deliverables instead of on admin work.

We charge a small monthly subscription fee for each active team member. You can seamlessly onboard and manage your global team via Transformify (TFY) human resources management system (HRMS).

After signing up or logging in to the Transformify (TFY) platform, you can onboard your global team of employees, independent contractors and freelancers via a single csv file upload. Each team member will receive an email informing them that a GDPR compliant member account has been created for them. In the onboarding email, your employees, independent contractors and freelancers will also find important information about logging into their member accounts, resetting their passwords, uploading mandatory compliance documents, setting their payment details and much more.

With Transformify (TFY) human resources management system (HRMS), you can effortlessly onboard and manage your global team of employees, independent contractors and freelancers. Upon onboarding, a GDPR-compliant member account is automatically created for each team member. You can track team availability, attendance, performance, absenteeism, etc. The document management feature allows you to upload, collect and store mandatory compliance documents and send electronic documents to be signed via e-signature. You can create or customize scorecards and seamlessly communicate with your global team via various channels.

Definitely. Transformify (TFY) human resources management system(HRMS) supports integration and synchronization with Outlook and Gmail calendars. Connecting your calendar with  Transformify (TFY) takes a few clicks and you can have all your appoints in one place.

Definitely. Transformify(TFY) supports a number of standard representative roles that come with various access rights. In addition to that, we can support custom representative roles matching your organization's internal access policies, approval hierarchy, etc. Any customizations are agreed upon during the onboarding process and supported by our integrations team.

Absolutely. Transformify (TFY) human resources management system (HRMS) supports attendance which covers workflows related to requesting and approving time off work, sick leave, maternity leave, vacation, etc. In addition to that, you can set up country-specific calendars for national holidays and company-specific days off - eg. paid days off to participate in corporate team building events, corporate training, etc.

It depends on the size of your company and the need for customization. In general, if no customization is needed, you can onboard your team in a day. If customizations are required, the set up may vary based on the level of complexity, etc.

First, you need to contact Transformify (TFY) sales team and sign an agreement. Then, our integrations team will assist you with creating accounts for your representatives, assigning roles and accesses to them, etc. We will also provide training and assist you in onboarding your global team of independent contractors and freelancers.

The Agent of Record (AOR) and Employer of Record (EOR) serve distinct functions in the realm of workforce management. An AOR acts as an intermediary between a talent supplier and independent contractors, ensuring proper classification, timekeeping, and payment handling. On the other hand, an EOR assumes responsibility for workers, handling their employment, HR, and related functions. The primary difference lies in their respective scopes of responsibility: the AOR's focus on independent contractors and the EOR's involvement with employees.