Is Transformify a recruitment platform?

What is Transformify?

Can everyone become a member?

What do Members do?

Who are the Partners of Transformify?

How often will I be invited to virtual projects and/or contract jobs ?

Why do I need to specify a Group?

Will the Group and profile information be visible to everyone?

Can I browse other members profiles?

What happens after I accept a virtual project/ contract job invitation?

I just completed my first virtual project / contract job. What happens next?

What are the Transformify Terms & Conditions of Members?

Does Transformify keep my information confidential?

Will Transformify sell my personal information?

How am I paid?

Can I provide both bank and e wallet account?

Can I direct a payment to my company?

My payment account has changed. How do I edit my payment information?

Am I taxed on the projects I complete?

Can I work with other organizations if I become a member of Transformify?

If I work on a virtual project/ contract job with a Partner of Transformify can I negotiate further virtual projects/ contact jobs/ extensions directly with the Partner?

If I have an existing relationship with a Partner of Transformify prior to accepting a virtual project / contract job via Transformify, can I continue my relationship with the Partner?

What is a Prepaid Card linked to an e wallet ?

What is bank transfer?