Vendor Management System

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Increased Visibility into External Workforce

Transformify’s VMS, is a cloud-based platform that helps companies of all sizes find, engage, and manage their external workforce including independent contractors, contingent workers, temporary workers, freelancers and service providers.

Key Features of Transformify’s robust VMS

Total workforce visibility


Create a pool of independent contractors, service providers, contingent workers and freelancers within minutes. Index independent contractors, freelancers and service providers based on their competencies, quality of work and desired pay rate.

Applicant Tracking

Transformify vendor management system (VMS) and AI-driven applicant tracking system (ATS) are fully integrated and can be accessed from a single dashboard. Moreover, Transformify ATS provides insights into the desired pay rate and competencies of every candidate to empower informed hiring decisions.


Insightful reporting

With Transformify VMS you will be able to access custom reports designed to address the specific needs of your organization. Information about the status of transferred payments, talent pools and more is at your fingertips.

Robust processes and compliance

Stay in compliance with GDPR, IR 35 in the UK, AB 5 in the US and applicable tax legislation and labor regulations across the globe. Transformify ensures that its business clients properly classify their external workforce.

Reach Your Diversity and Inclusion Goals

Transformify is a socially responsible enterprise and helps its clients to achieve their diversity and inclusion goals by providing valuable insights into market trends, demographics and more.


Single Dashboard and Billing and Payments Automation

Transformify offers centralized management of purchase requisitions, invoice payments, billing information, contracts, as well as other procurement processes. The billing and payments processes are fully automated.


AI-Based VMS

Transformify’s AI-based vendor management system takes things up a notch, filling in the gaps between various procurement function-related data, and streamlining the entire system as a whole.


Integration With Your Existing Systems

Transformify VMS seamlessly integrates with your existing systems including HRIS, payroll software, ERP, project management and time management software, etc.