Employer of Record

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Hire employees across the globe with TFY as your employer of record.

Our vast network of in-country partners allows TFY to serve as an employer of record and assume responsibility for payroll, workforce management, benefits, compliance, and more.


Take workforce management to the next level

Your employees can store documents, message their project managers, track payments and more via a single dashboard..


Stay in compliance with the local tax legislation and employment and regulations.

Let TFY streamline the entire experience for you and your employees. We handle payroll, taxes, benefits and compliance.


Manage your workforce and protect your IP

Benefit from total flexibility on working schedules, shifts, holidays, probation periods, and more. Maintain a full control of your Intellectual Property and data integrity.


Tailored benefits packages for your employees

Via its vast partner network, TFY can offer health insurance, e-learning and other benefits at preferential prices.


Hire, onboard, manage and pay your employees from a single dashboard

Hire top talent anywhere in the world and post jobs to 150+ job boards in seconds with our AI-driven ATS. Onboard, manage and pay your employees seamlessly no matter where in the world they are. Collect all documents and track payments via GDPR compliant employee profiles.