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How To Apply For a Payoneer Debit Card | Transformify (TFY)

International debit cards are extremely convenient for independent contractors, freelancers, and digital nomads who want to have instant access to their cash. If you're wondering whether Transformify (TFY) offers international debit cards and how you can apply for one, you're in the right place. In this article, we'll walk you through the process of obtaining a Payoneer debit card through Transformify, highlighting its benefits for freelancers, independent contractors, and TFY member

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Tackle the Complexity of Hiring Employees in Foreign Markets

Any organization looking to expand into foreign markets must be willing to employ people from across all borders. Employing people in the foreign market, however, comes with its challenges because different countries around the world have their unique hiring policies. At the same time, companies looking to expand would be faced with the challenges of scouting for the best hands available in the new country and compliantly hiring them without violating any foreign rules. Hiring internationally ha

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Vendor Management Software for Small Business: Payments and Billing

Was it Covid-19, the bear market, the plunging prices of cryptocurrencies or changing consumer spending habits that pushed businesses across the globe to redefine the way they manage their workforce and vendor base?  Speaking of vendor management, it comes as no surprise that businesses rely more on service providers, one-off vendors and vendors on-demand to ensure flexibility while keeping the bottom line low.  Driving efficiencies of scale is hardly possible without automation. Ima