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No matter if you are an employee or a freelancer, looking for part -time work, full – time work, remote jobs or work from home, getting a job can be easy and hassle - free.

How it works

Recruitment Software

Register and fill in your profile.

Recruiters contact candidates who stand out from the crowd. Outline your achievements and top skills and don’t forget to provide information about your salary expectations.

Search for jobs and apply.

You can search by location, skills, job title, company name or job type. There are part -time jobs, full time – jobs, freelance jobs, startup jobs, remote jobs, jobs for moms and people with disabilities and much more.

Know immediately if your skills match those required for the job

Applying for jobs at random is a waste of time. At a glance, you will know which skills are required for the job so you can make an informed decision.

Receive an interview invite.

It’s convenient. Each time you are invited for an interview, you will receive a message both in your registered email and TFY profile. No way to miss it.

Exchange messages with recruiters.

Ask for additional information, answer recruiter’s questions and more via TFY mailbox. Each message is sent to your registered email as well.

Know which skills are on demand.

The skills gap is widening and getting a well - paid job is all about having the right skills. Keep an eye on TFY HR Blog and newsletter as we regularly announce which skills are on demand and how to develop them.

Recruitment Software
Recruitment Software

Enjoy coupons and discounts.

Adding value to our users is what keeps TFY team busy. We are constantly searching for partners ready to provide special offers and discounts. Ranging from coworking offices, to eLearning courses to gadgets and much more, there will be always something new to look for.

Features for freelancers

No fee and payment guarantee.

As a freelancer, you have probably faced challenges with getting paid timely. As long as you are assigned work via TFY, you receive a payment guarantee. Freelancers use TFY for free, we don’t take a cut on your earnings.

Easy invoicing.

Fill in your invoice details and TFY will automatically issue an invoice each time you complete a task. All invoices can be downloaded via a click of a button.

Fair pay rate and no bidding.

Living costs and minimum wage vary worldwide. TFY encourages employers to pay a fair rate based on the country of residence, skills and experience of the freelancer.

Recruitment Software
Recruitment Software

Prepaid card.

You can opt to receive payment in a virtual account linked to a prepaid Mastercard to have access to your money on the go. This option is extremely good for digital nomads and vivid travellers.

Dispute resolution.

Disputes are rare, but if never the less you find yourself in a difficult situation, you may use the services of an expert. Fees apply.