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Who are our Members ?

Are you looking for a better way to navigate your career, grow your freelance business, or manage your vendor contracts? Whether you are a jobseeker, contractor, freelancer, employee, service provider, or vendor, you need a tool that can help you navigate the changing world of work. That’s why you need a Transformify (TFY) Member account.

Tools for Members

TFY is the ultimate platform for anyone who wants to work smarter, not harder. With TFY, you can:

Create a Member account and navigate your career, sign job offers and agreements via e-signature, track performance assessments, chat with your HR team, etc.

Manage your freelance or service business with TFY’s invoicing, billing, and tax compliance tools.

Automate your billing and payments from customers as a vendor or service provider.

Get paid securely and on time via TFY’s self-billing and payment system.

Get access to on-site and remote jobs across 150+ countries.

Showcase your skills and experience with a stunning profile and portfolio.

Apply to jobs with one click and track your applications in real time.

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Tools for Freelancers

Onboarding & e-document signing.

Easy invoicing & self-billing.

Numerous payment methods - Payoneer, Revolut, SWIFT, SEPA, crypto, etc.

Payment tracking.

No platform service fees.

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Tools for Employees

Are you an employee who wants to simplify your work life and manage your employment relationship with ease? If so, you need TFY.

With TFY, you can:

Sign job offers and agreements online with e-signature.

Securely upload and exchange documents with your employer, such as ID, tax forms, certificates, etc.

Track your attendance and sick leaves with TFY’s time tracking and absence management tools.

Ask for a paid leave and get approval from your manager in minutes.

Navigate performance assessments and score cards with TFY’s feedback and recognition system.

Chat with your HR team with TFYs omnichannel chat solution.

Recruitment Software

More about TFY

TFY is more than just a platform. It’s a partner that helps you streamline your work life and enhance your employee experience. Whether you work remotely or on-site, TFY has the right solution for you.

Tools for Job Seekers

Apply with one click.

Connect your calendar.

Receive an interview invite.

Exchange messages with recruiters.

Know which skills are on demand.

Receive job offers & sign e-documents online.

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Tools for Service Providers & Vendors

Are you a service provider or vendor who wants to save time and money on your billing, payment, and reconciliation process? If so, you need TFY.

With TFY, you can:

Fully automate your billing, payment, and reconciliation process with TFY’s self-billing technology.

Sit back and enjoy self-billing invoices being issued automatically on your behalf each time a payment is approved.

Track payment history, automate reconciliation, exchange messages and documents with your customers and much more.

Get paid securely and on time via TFY’s self-billing and payment system.

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