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People relate to the story of a brand and what it stands for. With millions of job seekers worldwide and recruiters and businesses from 150+ countries using our HR software solutions, TFY is a unique opportunity to reach a huge global audience in a creative and engaging way.

Employer Branding & Lead Generation

Tell the story of your brand, announce that you are on a hiring spree to attract the right candidates, share success stories to attract the attention of new clients and much more. On top of the hundreds of thousands readers visiting TFY HR Blog, you will reach millions more as TFY HR Blog is indexed by a number of leading content aggregators globally.

Who is this advertising option right for?

Recruitment Software
Recruiters and businesses looking to hire top candidates.

Take your employer branding to the next level. Share information about your corporate culture, interviews with employees, highlight new exciting projects requiring rare skills and more. Success stories, innovation programs and extraordinary career growth paths always increase the number of quality candidates applying for the jobs right for them.

Businesses of all sizes looking to generate leads and boost brand awareness

Equally good for businesses of all sizes from startups to enterprises and all business models including business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B). Our global readers are eager to find out what your brand has to offer. Product launches, new technologies and business success stories are much appreciated.

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Welcoming emails

Sent to job seekers and business clients, the welcoming emails are the perfect option to offer coupons and discounts to our users or to address urgent hiring needs and increase the number of applicants. Adding value to TFY’s users is key and we care carefully review all proposals. This is your chance to stand out as we include the offers of two advertisers at a maximum in our welcoming emails.

Who is this advertising option right for?

Recruiters and businesses having urgent hiring needs or looking for rare talents.

A link to the job listing or careers page can be included in the welcoming emails sent out to all newly registered job seekers. As these are candidates actively looking for a job, the chances to fill in the role quickly are times higher.

Businesses offering coupons and discounts.

A link to the offer can be included in the welcoming emails reaching thousands of people and businesses each week. It is an amazing opportunity to generate leads and increase revenues. However, this advertising option is available only to advertisers offering quality products and services that add value to TFY’s users.

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Freelance Marketplace

Monthly Newsletter

Sent out to all job seekers and businesses clients once per month only, the newsletter has huge global outreach. Put your job listings, latest news, product launches or coupons and discounts in front of millions of eyeballs worldwide.

Please have in mind that up to 3 offers are included in each newsletter and plan well in advance. Our waiting list is constantly growing and priority can be given only in case of urgent hiring needs or limited offers.

Who is this advertising option right for?

Freelance Marketplace
Recruiters and employers worldwide.

Announce hiring campaigns, diversity recruitment and CSR programs, highlight urgent job listings and more. Links to articles and job listings as well as banners can be included in the newsletter.

Businesses of all sizes

Announce product launches, special offers, generate sales and boost revenues. Links to web pages, articles, coupon codes and banners can be included in the monthly newsletter.

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Dashboard banner

Boost brand awareness and generate leads and sales by publishing your banner on job seekers and/or business clients dashboards.

Who is this advertising option right for?

Established businesses offering goods and services that add value to the job seekers or business clients using TFY’s HR Software solutions. This advertising option is perfect for e-commerce, payments, B2B software businesses, etc.

Please note that only one banner is published at a time and plan your marketing campaigns accordingly.

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Freelance Marketplace