Environmental Responsibility


Recruitment Software

Morning traffic in a big city... Smog... Endless commuting and no time for your family and friends... Living in a tiny but super-expensive flat in a big city...

Rural areas abandoned, as the residents had no choice but to move into big cities in a desperate search for jobs... In many cases leaving their loved ones and homeland behind...

This might be the reality, but at Transformity we believe that it is in humanity's hands to make the world a better place to live in. We partner with socially responsible businesses to create virtual projects and contract jobs. So people can stay at home and still make a living. So people with disabilities, who have no choice other than to work from home, can make a living. So those caring for people with disabilities, or children with special needs, can support their families. So people diagnosed with autism can join the workforce. So everyone who values a work-life balance, and the chance to live in a green area, can do so.

So there are fewer abandoned rural areas and less overcrowded cities. So people commute less and the CO2 emissions are curbed.

And there is much more to come... Keep an eye on TFY :)