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Respect your timeVideo

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You are solely responsible for the colors, which you decorate your life.Script

Life is like a piano

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Los Angeles. 5p.m. Starbucks. Attractive woman is sitting at the table, she drinks latte and reads a book. 5.28p.m Smart man is entering the café in a rush, he is holding his laptop and talking by the phone. He sat next to the attractive woman as he finished the call. -Kate, I am so sorry, I wanted to be in time but my conference lasted longer than I expected. -Don’t worry Stiv, I am already used to it. I know you for 5 years and you are always late. - Some people...

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It's not a luxury, it's the reality and a necessity of our dayScript

Today we want to share with you the story of success of “Work Cloud” Steve is a bold entrepreneur; he is kind, innovative and enthusiastic. He owns a website that helps save people’s lives. Kate is a designer and an illustrator; she is creative and audacious. She is what they call today a digital nomad, she travels to unusual destinations and meets people whose lives she helps to make better or save by communicating their need to Steve. Both Steve and Kate are adventur...

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Steve and Kate the Remote WorkerScript

Steve, a very successful American  business man in New York City which is the largest city in the United states  of America that consist of five boroughs: Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island love traveling to different part of the world in search of opportunities to invest into in other to build more businesses and earn more.  Steve is a young man in his early thirties who runs a telecommunication company, chains of eateries, and also a major investor into th...