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Work as a part of your own lifestyleScript

Hi, my name is Nadya, I am from Russia. I want to share my story about remote work and e learning. Don't judge me too much for my English skills, I tried my best) Kate is a really motivated student. She studying on Faculty of Foreign Languages in town where she lives. She studying English and French languages because she has great ambitions and ideas about her life, she wants to be a part of something huge. She always loved studying popular languages because she was thinking outside the box....

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Dear Santa, I just want to get a job this New YearScript

There always a lot of things to do before Christmas, so Steve decided to help his friend Kate to pack presents and clean the house. In his 29 he is already the founder of one of the largest apparel brands in the country. With Kate, they have been friends since school. - Have you finished, Stevie? – she asked. - Yes, the fireplace is done! – he said. Kate was sitting at the table, groping bows lying on it, gently taking them one after another and stuck to the gift boxes that were a...

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Have you ever dream for a change?Video

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Igara ft Benign-ZeyVideo

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GoRemote Essay. Worth spreading! Be open to a new experience!Script

Essay. Remote work. Steve, businessman, ecologist. He has a successful developing organization, engaged in the development and implementation of ecology friendly fuel systems. He travels around the world with the aim of expanding partnerships, learn from the experience of others and development of markets. Kate – ecologist. She prepares analytical reports, conducts analysis and assessment of the ecological status. Because of her health condition, she switched to a home-based type of...