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#GoRemote - cool contest with awesome prizesVideo

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Digital Nomad - This is Who I AmScript

Seven years ago, Jack F. was 27 years old and earned about 40 thousand dollars per year working in marketing. Becoming a digital nomad probably never crossed his mind. The highlight of his day would be driving to and from work, just because in those moments he could listen to music and take a break from thinking that his life is not going the right direction. He was not unhappy but had no strong motivation to continue walking this path. When the company he worked for was sold, he had two opti...

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Remote Work is the Future I ChooseScript

“We’re living in a small village with my family,” says 18-year-old Tasha. “I’m graduating high school this year and don’t know what to do next. The closest college is more than 200 km away and the distance to the one I’d really like to go to is about 500km. I know, in most of the cases students just move to the bigger cities where they study and live on the campus but that’s not really for me.” Tasha has a big family. She’s the oldes...

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Young Mom's DilemmaScript

“Back in college I always thought I would have a great career, I was very ambitious. I pursued a degree in Economics. But you know how it happens quite often. I met my husband, we got married and our first child was born shortly after. Now, I’m a mom of three. Our youngest is two, and older ones are 5 and 7. You can imagine it was quite difficult to pursue the career having to take care of the 3 kids.” Susan, as thousands of other young moms, put her dreams aside to be a goo...

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Transformify-ing People's Lives with Remote JobsVideo