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Remote Work - a New RealityScript

“Car accident. The day that divided my life for before and after. A day after which nothing was the same anymore,” says Katy. A 25year old girl, whose life changed irreversibly on a rainy October day. We studied together in college. Not too close friends but met on different occasions on campus. She was sweet and had a kind of laughter that was contagious. Katy was always on the go, with hundreds of things to get done, like most students. And all of a sudden everything changed. Th...

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#GoRemote and #GrowGlobalScript

Looking for new clients and partners worldwide? Great talent is nowhere to be found locally? The Millennials are not interested in your brand or learning programs? We have something for you. #GoRemote is a global campaign supported by partners on 4 continents including LCCI, Britcham Chile, Britcham Singapore, Genashtim, BBBA, Laboratoria, BAPM, PitchData, and many more. The logo and a link to the web page of each #GoRemote partne...