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Employer Branding: Your Brand Story Can Attract Top Talent

Regardless of industry and size, there is something all companies have in common – they need a great team capable of delivering a cutting -edge product or service, a growing customer base and a strong brand. It looks simple but all three components are not easy to achieve. However, there is something that can address them all at once – your brand story. To be loyal to your brand, people need to be emotionally bound to it and relate to what it stands for. There are fantasti...

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Freelancers: How to Make Money on Transformify

Established in 2015 in the UK, Transformify offers an integrated suite comprising of HR Software, Freelance Platform, Employer Branding, diversity hiring, billing & payments. Transformify’s unique approach in creating a fair environment for both the freelancers and businesses attracted the interest of many organizations and in 2016 Transformify joined the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition of the EU Commission. What makes Transformify Freelance Platform different? Long-term pro...

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Recruiters: Best Practices when Assigning Remote Work to Freelancers

Working with freelancers has many advantages as the world is your talent pool. You can hire rare talents, fill in roles quickly and benefit from lower rent outside of the big cities. Based on Transformify Freelance Platform stats, remote freelance roles receive 3 times more job applications and as a recruiter, you are likely to find the perfect candidate in less than a week. Once the excitement of onboarding a future top performer is over, it is advisable to follow some best practices to avoi...