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Top Tips from Piktochart to Make Remote Teams Work

Keep a healthy work-life balance, work from a happy place, and turn up during your most productive hours. These are the principles behind Piktochart’s remote teams. Because giving people the freedom to choose where and how they work can lead to higher levels of employee happiness. And for Piktochart, that means better motivation, more sustainable relationships, and increased retention rates. So how do you implement and manage remote teams? Shift your&...

Meet Andela, the remarkable African startup receiving the Zuckerberg foundation’s first investment

But when I heard that Andela was the recipient of CZI’s first investment, my mind jumped back to December 2014, when I met founder Jeremy Johnson at Le Web in Paris. He had a pretty incredible story to tell about how he had started Andela, how it was helping to train thousands of programmers in Africa, and the impact it was already having on young people in a region where training and education for IT can still be tough to find. The latest round is a series B and also includes money fro...

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Global Hiring Made Easy

What a year! Started as an Oxford admission project, Transformify downgraded my wildest dreams to daily routines. 140+ countries,4 continents, business clients from the US, EU, and Asia, ranking in Startups 100 Index, a member of the Digital Coalition of the European Commission,  programmes providing remote jobs for people on the Autism Spectrum and women in the Middle East...and the best is yet to come.  We love it simple. Global hiring should be ea...

Transformify is a Guinness World Record Holder!

It was epic! Transformify took part in the longest pitchathon ever and now we are a Guinness World Record Holder.

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New Week, New Jobs!

Have you experienced that sweet, intense anxiety just before turning up the first day at a new job? The expectations, fears and big plans? You have searched for this job, engaged your network to refer you to the right people, have been through the nightmare called ‘’job interview’’ and now you have it. Your dream job is yours!   I bet that most of you have felt like this at least once in a lifetime. Most, but unfortunately not all.   As per a report...