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Socially responsible employment – what are the benefits?

Talent maybe spread equally around the world, but what about opportunities?   Has it crossed your mind that getting a job increases the purchasing power, helps send children to school and may completely change the life of millions of people around the world?   For many, getting a job is a routine exercise involving a few calls to recruitment agencies or submitting a dozen of CVs.    How often do we think about those people who struggle to find a job? The&...

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Brexit - The Turning Point

The United Kingdom has held two referendums on its membership of the European Union or, in its previous incarnation, the European Economic Community. In 1975, voters overwhelmingly chose to remain on the inside. On June 23rd, however, the country chose to bring its 43-year membership to an end. What began under one Europhile Conservative prime minister has been handed its notice under another. Before Ted Heath led the country into the EEC in 1973, there were just six members. When the UK leaves,...

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The Dark Secrets of Digital Nomads: The realities of working remotely

Cube-dwellers everywhere share a similar fantasy: Relocate the office to a beachfront bungalow where you can keep an eye on the surf while reviewing spreadsheets and answering emails. A lucky few actually make this happen. But many discover the dream of working remotely is far different than the reality. That beach bungalow? It lacks wifi, and cell coverage is sketchy at best. The “kitchen” is a camp stove and the salt air wreaks havoc on your computer (what’s the wor...

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All you want to know about blockchains

A positive about this technology, is that no middle man is needed in the whole process, as it is a computer that essentially adds all the relevant content to the ledger, and maintains its integrity. This fact is actually one of the main reasons that the banks are starting to become attracted to this new technology. Using a blockchain could drastically reduce costs for banks, therefore naturally almost every major player in the financial service industry is interested in it. However, due to the v...

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39 facts you didn't know about Uber

Valuation, competitors, investments and everything else you need to know about Uber. Take a look at the following infographic by MisterBeep for more exciting statistics.