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The cost of a bad hire – are you ready to pay it?

We have all been there – after a long series of interviews, and running understaffed for months, we extend a job offer and feel relieved. Just a month later, ‘’the promising candidate’’ already falls in the ‘’bad hire’’ category.   What happened? It’s still the same person, right? A survey conducted by accounting and finance recruitment specialists Robert Half revealed that 1 in 10 recruits were considered a ‘poor hiring d

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Remote jobs: Life Hack for Unemployed Graduates in Kenya

Thousands of university graduates enter the job market every year.  But, is the labor market ready for so many freshers? Unfortunately, some of them remain unemployed for more than 5 years, while others settle for whatever job comes their way. The assumption that merely being a university graduate guarantees easy passage into the job market is not entirely true. The unemployment rate stands at 40%, with the highest percentage among the youth between the ages of 18 and 34 according to the