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GREECE: Crowdfunding versus Jobs

  The world is living in interesting times. Greek people voted ‘’no’’ for bailout and the world came to Greece’s rescue through crowdfunding for the price of a feta salad. Greece Bailout Fund Campaign has been initiated on Indiegogo by Thom Feeney, a UK marketer who was tired of watching politicians debate their way to an agreement. The campaign received an incredible support and over 72,000 backers – the most in Indiegogo history – from 167...

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Digital Nomad for a Year

You don’t expect a senior executive to become a digital nomad for a year, do you? Well, many executives do so and I am not an exception. A year ago I completed a challenging and rewarding project for Coca Cola Enterprises, got admitted into Oxford University and had an idea for a new business model that could help improve the wellbeing of lots of people all over the world. All three made my choice easy as the digital nomad lifestyle was a perfect fit for someone who needs time to st...