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Interview with Melis Abacioglu about Mental Health at Work: Fostering a healthier workplace culture

In this interview series, you’ll hear from experts who are paving the way to centralizing mental health and inclusivity in their organization’s talent attraction & retention strategy. Please introduce yourself and your company                                                                        

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Freelance Management System: How to scale in today's competitive landscape

Freelancers and independent contractors have become vital to modern businesses. But still, why are many businesses managing their freelancers and independent contractors by email and spreadsheets instead of using a freelance management system (FMS)? It is clear that the majority of companies, leverage both full-time employees and freelancers, which enables them to increase their agility and flexibility in an unpredictable world. However, this also brings pressing challenges around man

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How can you balance business needs with flexible working?

The last few years have seen a huge shift in working habits. During the pandemic, of course, we were all made to work from home where possible. While there were inevitably some struggles during this initial transition – getting the right equipment at home, maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and delivering the same service to customers and clients with everyone working where they live – ultimately, people enjoyed a flexible approach to work.  Bearing in mind employers and