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How To Improve Employee Engagement And Boost Employee Morale

Maintaining a high level of employee engagement is crucial for the success of any business and boosting morale is also vital for increasing productivity and keeping your employees happy. Happy and motivated staff are better for efficiency, company culture, staff retention and building your employer brand. But there are times when work can get stressful, and employers might find themselves facing a number of different challenges. So how do you go about creating an engaged and productive workfo

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Ten Single Moms Freelance Job Ideas

Single parenthood is associated with a lot of hardships, whether in the form of financial instability or mental health issues. A single mommy and her children go through a lot. You might not be the only single mother in your circle, but still, you will be unaware of all the challenges that are ready to come your way until you step your feet onto this journey. There will be tough times but get up now! Take a stare at your children and be grateful that now you can devote more time to your childr

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A Remote Company's Guide to Starting a Freelance Career

The US workforce comprises mostly those from the millennial (Gen Y) age group. This demographic group is more multicultural and multilingual than the others. One reason for this is that, according to the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) report, around 64 million Americans speak another language rather than English. It's not shocking as the US is home to over 45 million immigrants (as of 2020)—about five out of six immigrants are bilingual or can speak several languages. It's