Enter new markets on a tight budget and boost revenue growth.

How to enter new markets and scale up in 5 steps

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    Step 01 Global Workforce

    Go Global or local whatever your needs are. Hire Top Freelancers - sales , marketing, etc. experts to validate your market.

  • budget

    STEP 02 Save on Cost

    No need to incorporate a subsidiary, pay legal, payroll etc. costs prior to market validation.

  • house with dollar

    STEP 3 Save on Rent

    Choose a co-working space and benefit from the premium offers of Transformify partners.

  • wallet

    STEP 04 Save on Fee

    B2B - Recieve an invoice from Transformify and transfer secure payments worldwide.

  • STEP 05 Market Validation

    Done! incorporate, employ directly your team, and grow as fast as you can.

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Transformify expanded into 150+ countries in less than 2 years. No external funding. You too can do it.

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Yes. Transformify partners with a number of organizations providing payroll and ''umbrella'' solutions. Please check the ''Business Services'' category of our Service Store.
Transformify partners with a number of co-working / co-living space providers and we constantly add more to our Service Store. Premium offers are available to our clients in most cases.
All startups are welcome to publish articles on Transformify blog. Links to the published articles are included in the newsletters, shared via the social media, etc. However, the content needs to be informative and not considered as a ''hard sell''. You can include just 1 (one) link to your product or web page. Transformify blog administrators reserve the right not to publish an article at their discretion.
Yes. In general,Transformify Affiliate Program shares 20% of the revenue generated by each client referred to us over a pre-agreed period of time. Please note that each application is reviewed and approved on an individual basis.
Learn More: Affiliate Program