Market Entry Pack Expansion


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Is it possible to extend an employment offer to the freelancers upon market validation? Is there a notice period?


Yes. The notice period is 1 (one) month.


Let's assume that the market we tried to enter is not right for us. Can we terminate the agreement/s with the freelancer/s? What is the notice period?


Yes. The agreement/s can be terminated at any time. The standard notice period is 2( two) weeks.


Can we provide employment benefits to our team members?

Yes. Transformify partners with a number of organizations providing payroll and ''umbrella'' solutions. Please check the ''Business Services'' category of our Service Store. 


Can we terminate the agreement with the co-working / co-living space provider? What is the notice period?


Yes. The notice period is directly agreed with the co-working/ co-living space provider.


Which co-living / co-working space providers Transformify partners with? Are there any special discounts or premium offers?


Transformify partners with a number of co-working / co-living space providers and we constantly add more to our Service Store. Premium offers are available to our clients in most cases. 

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How can Transformify help us to boost sales and reach out to new clients?


All startups are welcome to publish articles on Transformify blog. Links to the published articles are included in the newsletters, shared via the social media, etc. However, the content needs to be informative and not considered as a ''hard sell''. You can include just 1 (one) link to your product or web page. Transformify blog administrators reserve the right not to publish an article at their discretion. 


Is it possible for our startup to be listed in Transformify Service Store to attract new clients and boost brand awareness?


Yes. Please contact your account manager to discuss the details. 


Can we join Transformify Affiliate Program to secure a new revenue channel?


Yes. In general,Transformify  Affiliate Program shares 20% of the revenue generated by each client referred to us over a pre-agreed period of time. Please note that each application is reviewed and approved on an individual basis. 

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