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Growth Hacking Made Simple: Enter new markets on a tight budget.

Most startups face the same challenge: To raise more funding, they need to demonstrate traction and revenue growth.

What if your startup can enter new markets, generate leads and boost revenue growth on a tight budget?

Usually, market entry involves incorporating a subsidiary, hiring employees, signing 12-month rent agreement and tons of legal, tax, accounting and advisory fees. With TFY Market Entry Pack for Startups, you can cut these costs tremendously.

Market entry pack

No need to incorporate a subsidiary early on

Hire freelancers overseas and use TFY billing / self- billing functionality to streamline the accounting process. Fit to every budget as you can hire full time or part time or even pay per hour.

Hiring abroad made simple.

Source top candidates worldwide with TFY HR Software. Know your candidates, their skills, location and salary expectations and schedule interviews at ease.

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Cost efficient coworking office.

Enjoy discounts with our global coworking office partners. In most cases, you can terminate the agreement on a short notice.

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Payment transfers worldwide made easy.

No need to collect and store bank account details or deal with payment transfers in foreign currency. Transfer secure payment in any currency via a click of a button.

Freelance Marketplace

Generate leads and create a new revenue stream.

Market entry pack

Generate Leads

Millions of job seekers and businesses from 150+ countries use TFY HR software solutions. With our advertising options, you can reach them too.

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Create a new revenue stream.

Depending on just one revenue stream is risky especially when entering new markets. Have your back covered with TFY affiliate program. Earn 20% commission on each sale and create a new independent revenue stream.

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Is it possible to extend an employment offer to the freelancers upon market validation? Is there a notice period?

Yes. The notice period is 1 (one) month

Let's assume that the market we tried to enter is not right for us. Can we terminate the agreement/s with the freelancer/s? What is the notice period?

Yes. The agreement/s can be terminated at any time. The standard notice period is 2( two) weeks.

Can we provide employment benefits to our team members?

Yes. TFY partners with a number of organizations providing payroll and ''umbrella'' solutions.

Which co-living / co-working space providers TFY partners with? Are there any special discounts or premium offers?

TFY partners with a number of co-working / co-living space providers and we constantly add more to our Service Store. Premium offers are available to our clients in most cases.

Can we join TFY Affiliate Program to secure a new revenue channel?

Yes. In general,TFY Affiliate Program shares 20% of the revenue generated by each client referred to us over a pre-agreed period of time. Please note that each application is reviewed and approved on an individual basis. Learn More: Affiliate Program