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Just imagine - fewer crowds in the underground, less pollution, fewer traffic jams, less time commuting and more time for your family and friends, fewer abandoned rural areas...

And a chance for all those people who would benefit from working from home - people with disabilities, people diagnosed with autism, single parents, people living in areas with high unemployment rates, parents of children with special needs - to make a decent living and support themselves and their families.

A secure payment received into your e-wallet no matter where your employer is based and regardless of different currencies. Plus instant access to your cash via a prepaid card linked to the e-wallet that can be used at any ATM around the world. So you can live anywhere in the world, work and have access to your cash as you go.

Great collaboration tools so you can have the same level of interaction with your peers no matter where you work from - your home, a hotel room, a mountain peak or the beach...

It is a dream, It is a possibility...and we have to say It has a name - TRANSFORMIFY.

Lilia Stoyanov

Lilia Stoyanov


Previously an auditor at EY, GM & CFO at Skrill/Paysafe, Director Procure To Pay & Local Ethics Officer at Coca Cola Enterprises. Everwise workplace mentor. ACCA, PGDip Financial Strategy Oxford University, M.A. Accounting & Assurance, B.A. Management Academy of Economics "D.A.Tzenov" Blogs at http://blog.geteverwise.com/.

Loves traveling, parasailing and sky diving. Professional ballroom dancer.

Desislav Kamenov

Desislav Kamenov


IT enthusiast and entrepreneur with 10+ years of fintech and IT experience. Solutions Architect at Skrill/Paysafe, the world's second largest digital wallet. Previously Head of Business Analysis, Software Development Manager and Software Developer. B.Tech. Robotics Technical University Sofia.

Enjoys swimming, snowboarding, video games and healthy lifestyle.

A business run by virtual contractors only?

Yes, it is possible.

Lilia Stoyanov

Lilia Stoyanov

A year ago I had the privilege to be involved in a business transformation project. The business climate is changing rapidly and the businesses have no other choice than to adapt and transform in order to remain competitive. Along with the tremendous positive results, there is a side effect - lots of people lose their jobs. Many of them are in their 50s and 60s, live in small cities, have mortgages and it is extremely hard for them to relocate in a search for a job. When meeting with people who were about to lose their jobs, I found myself asking the same question "What if they do not need to relocate? What if their next job is a click away?"

A few years ago the child of a member of my team was diagnosed with autism, and the child of another is in a wheel chair. Treatment that could improve the lives and wellbeing of children with special needs is expensive in most cases. One of the parents usually stays at home, which decreases the family income even further. The children then grow up and rely on a state pension instead of joining the work force. One way to help is to offer a work from home option. And the obvious question is "What if a work from home option is offered to everyone who will benefit from it?"

That's how Transformify was born - a business model developed and launched by virtual contractors and founders based on three continents.

In order to offer a virtual office option to everyone who will benefit from it, we had to prove it works. At Transformify we don't just believe in the virtual office concept, we live it. In order to develop Transformify we relied on:

  • Co - founder based in the UK
  • Co - founder traveling 70% of the time
  • Marketing guru based in the US
  • Development Team based in Bulgaria
  • Digital marketing enthusiast based in Portugal
  • And for our logo design we picked up Sarah, a girl from Pakistan, because for us the location really doesn't matter

We believe that it is in human's hands to make a better place the world we live in. The adoption of the virtual office concept may contribute to the solution of a few major problems:

  • Help people in a disadvantaged position to make a living
  • Lower unemployment in areas with high unemployment rates
  • Help manage immigration, as unemployment is one of its main drivers
  • Help manage the balance between overcrowded cities and abandoned rural areas
  • Curb the CO2 emissions related to daily commuting in/out/inside overcrowded cities

So, is it possible for a business to be
run by virtual contractors only?
Yes, it is possible.