17th November - 20th December 2016

Engages millennials worldwide with social good, helps them build their personal

brand, enhance their skills via e learning and get notices by top employers.

How? By telling stories. The stories of people whose life will change for good if

they get a remote job.

BIG PRIZE USD 300, 12-month courses Subscription access, and much more!

#GoRemote winners will be announced in
The story
Millions of people are unemployed due to various reasons. They may live in high unemployment areas, post-war zones, be less able to move, etc. In Africa, it may take a university graduate up to 5 years to get a job. The women in the Middle East may join the work force only if the culture and tradition are respected. In Asia and the US, the daily commute to the workplace takes hours. Doesn’t sound good, right? #GoRemote may help change people’s life for good. Good for the society, good for the students, good for you!
Why support #GoRemote

Boost your image as a socially responsible organisation and
attract top tallent worldwide.



How to participate?

Secure one of the prizes:

  • E Learning course and/or certificate
  • Internship
  • Gadgets - tables, ipods, etc.


Support #GoRemote via your media and social media channels

What you get
  • A press release shared via the media focusing on your business
  • Logo and Link to your webpage published on #GoRemote Campaign Page
  • Select talented interns
Students & Millennials

It's #GoRemote Campaign! And we are looking for students and millennials just like YOU!

Are you bright and creative? Get notced by top employers, build your brand and secure your dream career
How? By telling stories. The stories of people whose life will change for good if they get a remote job.

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