Script for #Go Remote Main Characters: Steve Kate Minor Characters: Eddy- Steve’s seven year old son Kemdy- Kate’s friend with an ampulated leg Personal Assistant Act 1 Scene 1 Fade in…. Ext. sitting room ; 1:39 am In the heart of West Los Angeles, a burgalow house, numbered 3 at Parkers street. Just at the dead of the night. KATE; content developer at ABC firm, a tech enthusiast. A young widow and mother of two (Kate yawns and reaches out for her laptop to work an article when she decides to watch an online job advert). KATE Wow!, this happen to be yet another Job opening.(She stutters a little and decided to check it out) Well, after discarding the previous one because the company seem to be far away and I don’t feel I am ready to relocate to X but this may actually be quite different from the others. (She clicks on the play button and a voice from the computer comes up) VOICE FROM THE COMPUTER Welcome! and thank you for checking out on this new employment opportunity. At Rinkling company, we offer products and services ranging from different demands of our customers from all over the world. However, due to the dynamicity of the business world, we hope to start off with a new blog series geared towards writing different stories as to how our customers enjoyed the product and service rendered. Because this happens to be a very sensitive aspect as the rise and fall of our company depends on it. We decided to recruit individuals who would work at the office space at our newly established blog unit who would work with other team members building contents and amazing stories from our customers. The Requirement of the Job is as follows: Applicant must be fluent in English Applicant must have written several articles both on magazines and blogs. Applicant must have the touch of originality. We hope that as you read this, you would follow duly the above instructions. Once again thank you for checking this out for more information you can contact us or send in enquires via our mail at KATE (Deep sighs), this happen to be a lucrative Job but I guess I would have to turn down this one even though I know that I am highly qualified for it. I wonder why I can’t just work for these companies from home . Do I really have to relocate or travel that far for a Job?. Come on! Life’s not that hard. (Out of frustration she quickly turns off her computer without working on the article she had hoped to work on and sleeps off) Lights out……. Scene 2 (Its way past pick up time from Little Blend school in Germany but Eddy is yet to be picked up by the nanny Steve left him for. After fifteen minutes of waiting at the park, young Eddy thought he could probably walk alone to the bus stop. That was when he sighted the Nanny approaching from afar. She holds Eddy and apologises deeply for being late again. For she had been busy with other house chores and forgot that young Eddy was still at school. ) EDDY (talks as though he was very tired and heartbroken)I wish Dad would know how I miss him so much. Nanny I bet he knows (Looks at Eddy with deep concern), you know what? EDDY What? (answers uninterested) NANNY How about we stop by the Ice- cream shop on our way and get you chocolate and strawberry flavor-your favorite? EDDY Thanks, but I don’t think I want Ice-cream, I just want to see my Dad, when his he going to get back? NANNY I really cant say, you know your dad, always on the road. One cannot tell when he would be free from all his work . EDDY (With a sad face), can we just get home already? (Bus approaches, both Nanny and Eddy get into bus , with the Nanny holding Steve at an arms-length, while Eddy walks drooping his face on the ground) Lights out…… Act 2(In a restaurant at West Angeles. Apparently, Kate is at the same restaurant taking a snack.) Scene 1 DAD Its two days to my son’s birthday and I am yet to finally get home and get settled for his birthday. I know he would be thinking that I am some hell of a father. Well am I not after all? Come on, what father would be in another land, another country where I should be Home with family. (Thinks deeply: times like this Aby, I wish you had not left us; left me and our son alone) While he thinks deeply, his phone rings….the personal assistant….He picks up the phone reluctantly as he had wanted this time to think… PERSONAL ASSISTANT Hello? DAD Hello Sir PERSONAL ASSISTANT (Talks hesitantly) Something came up at the office sir, and we need you for some clarifications. DAD Relax, just tell me what the problem is exactly? PERSONAL ASSISITANT We have this new client who stays at United States. He claims that he heard about your product from a friend who you happen to meet some time ago during one of your trips, and was hoping that instead of delivering paper works to his location where he stays , it should be scanned to him electronically by Fax. DAD Wowww …. And you are sure that he doesn’t want it delivered to him manually PERSONAL ASSISITANT No sir!... DAD Did he mention any other thing to you? PERSONAL ASSISITANT No other thing sir.. but what do we do? DAD I’d get back to you. Drops phone feels a little bit confused as to what next shape he wants his business to be as it appears he get stressed for little while a lot can be done even without having a tied down office and spending quality time with his child) Lights out……. SCENE 2 Kate decided to go to the park then she realized her company’s online hangout is few minutes away It was time to hang out with all other employees at ABC company but the hangout was meant to be via the Slack app for everyone to know themselves .While others were yet to join Kate and the amputated friend seem to be online at the moment so they decided to just talk while they wait for others. Kate introduces herself. KATE Hello there!, my name is Kate( smiles excitedly as she longs to know who are colleagues are) KEMDY Hi!( Kemdy replies excitedly), my name is Kemdy good to Hve you here. KATE So tell me about you, while we wait for others to join in. KEMDY My name is Kemdy, I enjoy how work because it has made me see my abilities in my disabilities..(she smiles deeply) KATE Disabilities??? (asks with concern) KEMDY Yes!, I had a car accident which led to it being removed KATE (with utmost surpise) wow am glad we can all work from our homes without having to be in the office. I cant imagine how stressful that would be for you. KEMDY I know right! Working remotely with my computer has enabled me share my ideas and stories to the outside world right from the fourwalls of my room. (Steve walks in still disturbed and takes a sit opposite Kate’s, Kate observes this and walks up to Steve ehile she asked to be excused by Kemdy) KATE Hi, I noticed you don’t look happy anything wrong/ STEVE (excited to meet someone new in another of his business trips answers with a wide smile) Yes,I am fine although I don’t feel good have some few issues with work and I feel work Has taken me away from my son.( Steve laments his woes to Kate) KATE Wow!, that seem to be a lot. But do you know that you could experience less stress if you decide to work remotely? STEVE Really? ( Steve answers with curiousity wanting to know more) KATE Yeah! Come over , let me introduce you to my friends who work remotely.( Kate takes Steve to her sit, Steve meets Kemdy and they all talk about the importance of working remotely and how this can benefit Steve in his place of work) STEVE This is really an eye-opener! KEMDY Yes! It is, working remotely not only opens more doors for you in your business , it also makes you way closer to ypur family .You can transact business online instead of embarking on several trips, and if effectively managed you can even hire more capable hands who do not neccesarily have you be in the office with you to undergo services for you also. And believe me, youd be saving more as you don’t even have to hire an office space. KATE You see Steve just to add to what my friend have said I must tell you that I have turned down over 10 jobs which seem to confine me to the walls of an office because working remotely has enabled me to work for over 50 firms. As a freelance writer, am not constrained to anything and I still get to relate with my two kids very well. You know they are all I got, since their father passed on. Also, less I forget the pay to my work is super awesome.. (she looks at Steve intensively ) So tell me why the hell wont I choose to Go Remote when its way better, faster and keeps me closer to my kids. (Steve feels so happy, collects the email address of both Kate and Kemdy and promises to keep in touch) Fades out…….