A job can pay well and have a positive environment but still be unsatisfying for the employee. A likely culprit is the apparent lack of growth opportunities. If an employee feels like s/he is stuck in a rut, their performance may start to decline. You need to have everyone on the top of the game at all times, and employee development is one of the best ways to do that. These are three reasons why you need to emphasize employee development.


Improved Job Satisfaction


When an employee feels l s/he is getting something out of a job, he or she can feel far more motivated. This increased motivation brings better results for the business. Employees won't be dragging their feet as they make their way through all sorts of busywork. Instead, they'll be engaging their minds as they work to solve complex problems. While there might be some initial frustration posed by the problem, being able to solve it will be a huge source of relief for your employees. It will also greatly increase their overall confidence levels. They can learn to provide guidance to other members of the team, leading to much greater morale in your workplace.

Have you thought of rotating the tasks within a team and allowing team members to shadow the work of other teams?

In most cases, shadowing the work of a team whose work is closely related results in removing bottlenecks and improving corporate culture as people become more tolerant when they understand why there are delays or they need to step in and help the other team from time to time. 


Internal open innovation competitions also have a huge positive impact as employees know that their voices are heard. At the same time, the ideas they contribute, are likely to add value to the company. After all, those communicating with the clients daily and struggling with inefficient processes are those most likely to come up with practical ideas and solutions.


Improved Employee Productivity


You can't expect an employee to become productive just because you asked them to do so. Employees need to have some sort of motivation or challenge that gives them a reason to put in a higher level of effort. Developing employees requires training, time, and resources. As the employees become more productive, your business can chug along at a much more efficient rate. This can create a culture of productivity that rubs off on everyone who works there.


Improved Employee Retention


If an employee feels like his or her talents are going to waste, he or she is going to start looking for other places to work. Encouraging employee development will help your employees realize how much growth potential they have at their current workplace, and will make employees more likely to stay with your business. They'll know how much ground they have to cover. If they do eventually leave, they'll do so not out of dissatisfaction with their circumstances, but because your encouragement has made them realize just how talented and intelligent they are. During performance reviews, ask your employees about what could be done to help them get more out of their work experiences.

Employee development gives your employees something to look forward to. When they come to work, they can anticipate new challenges and other chances to grow. You can develop alongside your employees to show how you're all on the same team and how you all need to lift each other up.

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