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3 software solutions for remote workforce management that will make you more agile: Transformify, SAP Fieldglass and Zoho

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In today’s world, companies need to adapt fast to the ever changing environment. To become more agile in the market, a flexible employee structure is a huge advantage. Remote work has been gaining popularity over the years and the coronavirus pandemic gave it a good boost. Hiring trends show that outsourcing is here to stay and remote work has become rather mainstream. Companies get lower costs, some employees are more productive and it even gets them closer to the so worshipped work-life balance. That is why we will review 3 software solutions that can help you hire and manage your remote workers and freelancers Transfomify, Zoho and SAP Fieldglass.

These workforce management software solutions can save you a lot of trouble. Transformify is a social enterprise that offers a freelance management system and an applicant tracking system designed for inclusion, personalization and integration, while SAP Fieldglass is a VMS (vendor management system). SAP Fieldglass provides service procurement and contingent workforce management. Zoho, on the other hand, is a productivity tool that also provides some features for remote workers and HR management. These workforce management systems share some features, yet they also have a lot of differences. SAP Fieldglass and Transformify automate all contingent workforce management from recruitment to payment. All three workforce management systems have integrated and secure payment. This way, you will only receive one invoice instead of 800. Our analysis is meant to help you choose which software is right for your unique goals and requirements. 


Main features:                                                                                                                                                

  • Freelance management system (FMS)
  • Applicant tracking system (ATS)
  • Customizable extensions
  • Focus on diversity and reintegration
  • Custom CSR programs
  • Employer branding included
  • Integration with ERP, HR, payroll, Bamboo HR,  etc. systems
  • Automation of workforce management from recruitment to payment
  • Pricing: Freelance management system: 5$/team member per month; Applicant tracking system: 50$ per job posting

Besides the freelance management system, Transformify has an applicant tracking system focused on inclusion that allows job seekers to apply for any kind of job vacancies. It is not exclusive to freelancing services. Transformify has diversity hiring filters, which is useful in case you want to launch a diversity hiring campaign. For instance, if you wish to help reintegrate seniors, people with disabilities, parents of children with special needs, etc. into the job market, you can use diversity filters to find the right applicants. Moreover, Transformify can help you out with your employer branding. Regarding the freelance management system, you type in your requirements and the software helps you find the right freelancers. Moreover, Transformify takes care of the accounting for you and makes sure you are compliant with local regulations.


Main features:

  • Contingent workforce management
  • Service procurement
  • Worker profile management software
  • Quality control
  • Integration with Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics and other systems
  • Automation of workforce management from recruitment to payment
  • Pricing: subscription model. Price only available when negotiating with the company

SAP Fieldglass allows you to find and manage freelancers, temporary workers and service providers. The unique feature of SAP Fieldglass is that their VMS (Vendor Management System) allows clients to outsource any kind of external services. Even marketing agencies or consulting firms can be subcontracted through the platform. As a client, you can submit your needs through the platform and get offers from freelancers and companies that provide the services you need. SAP Fieldglass has a way of measuring the quality of the outsourced services. The onboarding process starts automatically and, as Transformify, SAP Fieldglass takes care of your taxes and guarantees you are compliant with regulations.


Main features:

  • Project management platform
  • HR features (Zoho recruit, Zoho people and People Plus bundle) 
  • Online office instruments
  • Digital marketing, CRM, sales, finance and business analytics tools
  • Customizable extensions
  • Pricing (People Plus bundle): 12.1$/user per month billed monthly or 9.7$/user per month billed annually. This price only includes HR tools. If you are interested in using other tools, you may get a different price.

Zoho is a bit different from the previous two. This software is focused on web-based business tools and IT, including online office instruments and a project management platform. They have a work drive of their own too. Zoho is not intended for hiring independent contractors, yet it can be helpful for workforce management, particularly for remote work. Integration is really what defines Zoho. You can subscribe to bundles of 40+ integrated apps, such as Workplace, People Plus, CRM plus etc. As for Zoho’s HR features, they offer two tools – Zoho recruit and Zoho people. Zoho recruit automates the recruitment process, while Zoho people is a platform for employment management. These are part of the People Plus bundle and can be integrated with other software solutions.                                                                                                                     

Bottom line

Focusing on what differentiates these platforms, if you are looking to run an inclusive hiring campaign, then Transformify is the best option for you! If you are looking to outsource external services from other firms, the best option is SAP Fieldglass, as it is the only one that offers this option. Last but not least, if you are looking for an integrated productivity tool that also offers HR solutions, then Zoho is the way to go! You can also combine more than one of these workforce management software solutions. They can be integrated with each other. 

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