Having a resume that helps you secure those important job interviews is critical to making your job search a little bit easier. Your resume serves as a marketing tool for you when you’re applying to jobs. If your resume is outdated, it is effectively working against you, instead of for you. It might seem like a waste of time to update your resume, but having a weak resume is essentially disqualifying you from future consideration. Having an updated and strong resume is the difference in getting considered for a potential job, or not being considered at all.

We have outlined the top 5 reasons that you should consider updating your resume and enjoy the benefits of having a strong resume you can use to confidently apply to jobs.


The Benefits of Updating Your Resume


The job search marketplace has never been more competitive. This means that job seekers need every advantage they can get to establish themselves as the leading candidate in the eyes of recruiters, hiring managers, and employers. Any advantage that you can secure will go a long way in improving your job prospects. It doesn’t matter if you’re applying to administrative assistant roles or healthcare jobs, updating your resume important to highlight your current skill set and experience.

Your resume is a marketing tool that highlights the key things that separate you from other candidates that have similar qualifications, education, or experience. When you update your resume, you ensure that your resume reflects what separates you from those other candidates and makes you unique.

If you’re using an outdated resume, you’re putting yourself at a severe disadvantage compared to those other candidates that the hiring manager or recruiters are potentially considering.


1. Highlight Your Career Goals


One part of updating your resume is that you review your career goals on your old resume, and ensure that they are in line with your future career goals. Over the course of your career, your career goals are going to adapt and change as you become a more well-rounded professional and your priorities change.

You want to ensure that your career goals are up to date on your resume and that you’re highlighting them appropriately. One critical part of your resume that recruiters and hiring managers review is the career goal or objective statement section. This helps them understand a little bit more about you and what drives you. If your career goals are outdated, then you might be sending confusing signals to the individuals who are reviewing your resume.

When you update your resume, you can ensure that it accurately reflects what you’re looking to achieve throughout the next several years and provide a clearer picture to the individual that is reviewing your resume.


2. Highlight Key Development Areas


As you gain experience and receive additional training, you become a more well-rounded individual who can offer more things to prospective employers. You become a more attractive candidate to future employers when you have more things to offer them when you’re employed. It’s important to remember that employers and recruiters are constantly seeking talented professionals who can provide value to the organization.

You want to demonstrate that you can provide that value on your resume by making sure that it reflects those new skills or training that you’ve received, and that you’ve developed in some key areas.


3. Figure Out What Interests You


As we grow and develop throughout our careers, our interests change. Our interests shape the careers or jobs that we’re interested in. If you’re using an outdated resume, your resume might be reflecting interests in things that you’re no longer interested in. For instance, your outdated resume might reflect that you have an interest in graphic design, but you realize now that you’re not interested in graphic design or marketing in general. You have to ask yourself, is your resume sending the wrong message?

Your resume should reflect the interests that you have, to demonstrate that you have a passion for what you’re doing and what jobs you’re interested in. When you ensure that your resume is accurately showcasing your interests, you can also prepare yourself more for the inevitable interview questions that follow. Some of the most common interview questions are designed to let the interviewer learn a little bit more about you.

If your resume highlights that you’re passionate about marketing, but you’re explaining to them during the interview that you are interested in pursuing a healthcare role - it can send off confusing signals. Ensure that your resume accurately reflects your interests, so you don’t send any confusing signals to them during the course of the interview.


4. Your Resume Is Too Broad


Another reason that you want to update your resume is that it might be too broad. One way that you can separate yourself from other candidates is by using a tailored resume for the jobs that you’re applying to. As we’ve covered above, you want your resume to send a consistent message. You want to make sure that your resume is tailored and doesn’t have any irrelevant jobs, skills, or experience highlighted.

Your resume should only include the jobs and skills that are relevant to the position that you’re applying to. When you only include skills and experience that are relevant to the position, it makes it seem as if you’re the most qualified candidate for the job.


5. Employers Always Seek New Talent


In today’s competitive job marketplace, employers and recruiters are always trying to find talent to fill new positions that become available. With the growing job market, the number of available jobs is always increasing, and you need to keep an updated resume in case a recruiter or hiring manager stumbles across your name or profile.

It’s important to keep an updated resume for when a new opportunity might come across your path.

Your resume is a powerful marketing tool to use when you’re applying to jobs or potentially seeking new opportunities. If you haven’t updated your resume in quite some time, it’s working against you instead of for you. Updating your resume is a great way of making sure that you separate yourself from those other candidates recruiters and hiring managers are considering.


About the Author

Ryan Bucci is a Content Strategist with HospitalCareers. HospitalCareers is the leading recruitment platform for healthcare professionals with over 28,000+ healthcare jobs, career advice, and insights.