Every entrepreneur dreams of a situation where they will maximize efficiency in business operations while reducing the costs. Thanks to technological advances, it has now become very easy to avoid employing redundant manpower and improve the bottom line in business. In case you are still struggling with issues like visibility, lead conversion, and accountability in your marketing campaigns, here are a few solutions that will help eliminate the problem.


All-in-one digital sales analytic tools


When digital marketing became a hit in business, developers went into a frenzy and came up with tens of thousands of analytic tools. However, as time goes by, businesses are realizing the importance of streamlining their digital campaigns and having a comprehensive tool to handle everything. Currently, you can download and install software that does real time reporting and analytics to help direct your future sales decisions.


Social media management software


Social media has become vital for the survival of many businesses. Businesses are learning that it is important to not only have pages for the sake of visibility, but also for redirecting traffic to the company’s website. In addition to this, social media pages have become a customer service tool for many businesses. As a result, businesses have had to hire social media management personnel, which is an extra expense. With social media management software, it is possible to schedule posts, run analytics and even automate responses to customer queries.


Communication support


Email marketing is still huge when it comes to sales and lead conversion. Businesses that are huge on email marketing spend hours looking for customer emails and sorting through the clutter to establish which ones are likely to convert. With time, developers have come up with software which carries out this function. There is also software which streamlines communication between team members and downward communication from management.


Internet automation software


Artificial intelligence has become so developed that it is now possible for machines to learn your online behavior, predict patterns, and recommend information that to users that it observes. The software is built in such a manner that it automatically runs analytics and uses the results to make future recommendations.


CRM software


Customer relationship management has stopped being the function of front office staff, or internal communications manager. Companies that want to cut cost now are investing in CRM to free up time and money spent on redundant activities.

These are just some of the tools at your disposal to make your business operations more efficient. To learn more about how Transformify can serve your business and streamline your hiring processes, contact us!